Thursday, October 2, 2008

I will follow you..


Greetings from Bangkok! (: Right now, I can't access my tagboard cause its blocked?! But yes. So far, Thailand's been awesome! Shopping and stuffing my face with super awesome food is always the best. Not to mention the number of eyecandies around. :0 Every angle okay. haha! :D Its good to be over here. Everythings so nice. The weather's great. it hasn't been too hot and I've already managed to buy a couple of things :D whee

I LOVE the food courts in the shopping centres!! Its like food heaven! I got lost briefly last night while walking around Siam Paragon's food court and well, what could I do? :( I forgot where my parents were sitting cause it was so freaking crowded. So I walked around and just bought so much food and ate them all while walking and looking for my parents. :) I can't help it! if somethings looks delectable, all I do is buy it and eat them on the spot. haha.

And the weather! I was so scared it was gonna be hot and humid like Brunei. But surprisingly not! its cool and my mom even wears a cardigan the whole day while we're walking outside!

AND THE GUYS! *drool* Seriously though. Although the number of gay couples are alarming high (they disgust my daddy) but, some of the pairs are extremely good looking then you see them holding hands/cuddling.. -_- WHY! HAHA You should see the way my dad wrinkles his nose in disgust! Its so funny. I wonder what would happen to me if I turned bi/lesbian. HAHAHA

You know, if I lived in Thailand, I'd probably develop some kind of eating disorder :P haha I mean, the people here specially the girls, they eat SO much! (since they've got all sorts of GOOD yummy food)... and yes, they're as slim as a stick. I mean, not a stick but they've got perfect pretty figures! its so unfair ok. hahaha Oh well. :( And they're all so pretty! Gorgeous i tell you :( haha

AND I LOVE 7 ELEVEN THAILAND. Yes, I know I've mentioned this like 74435468 times already. But i swear! They've got the yummiest food! hahahah. Like, after typing this, I'm gonna pop over to the 7eleven next door to get a sausage and cheese toasted sandwich. With melted cheese and oh-so-good pork sausages. *mmmm

AND THE THAI ICED TEA (Chai Yen).. its my love i tell you. Although after finding out what its made from: Condensed milk, milk, sugar, sugar, tea and some herbs.. I'm only limiting myself to 3 cups a day :P or I'd probably get diabetes by the time I get my ass back to Brunei :P hahaha. I love it.Nobody makes them like the thais !!! T_T

I hope everyone has a great raya! Thank you guys for all the invitations for the open houses :( Damn that I'm coming back on Sunday in the evening so I won't be able to make it to ANY of the open houses :( Like, everyones either having theirs on a friday, saturday or sunday. Boo.

Okay, I'mma go get my sandwhich and probably have some yummy noodles for lunch. MMM

(Thailand is an hour behind brunei's time btw) So right now its lunch time.

AND THE MONEY! 1 Baht = 23 Brunei Dollars :) So, 100 baht is about 4 brunei dollars. And plenty of things can be bought for 100 baht! its amazing :( HAHA



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