Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I know its wrong,

But sometimes, I just can't help but stare..


SANDRA ; HI! :D i know right! They've got absolutely nothing else to do, oh well. and yes, I love YUI! Her songs are all oh-so-catchy! (:
PASSERBY ; thankyou (: you too!
KENken ; HAHA HI! kenken. Finally found the tagboard eh ;)
NAT ; exactly that (:
ERIC ; it sure is :( hahaha hi smelly
ANGEL ; merry xmas too! (: also, you're welcome. Haha U look fine when you smile ok. Just I really don't know why you're SO dark in that picture :S so odd
CASSIE ; hehe, thank you (: Well, i'm only replying them so they don't feel so left out. Cause they're obviously spamming my tagboard cause they need a little attention :( Also, Do i know you? Like, personally know you? hahaha
ALEX ; yeap! haha
TIMOTHY ; very nicely said :) heee

So, news just in. Hari Raya is on Thursday! So i guess, everyone better do their TOK essays and business IAs since they are due tomorrow. Oh well. At least Hari Raya is in a days time and you guys only have to berpuasa for one more day.

I can't want to start baking again! Ever since Puasa started, I have not been able to bake because I wouldn't be able to bring them to school. But yay! :) When school starts again, everyone will be non-fasting. ^_^

Speaking of which, since I will not be in Brunei for the rest of the week.. (Yeap :D I'm heading down to shopping+food paradise, Bangkok!) Next week is gonna be super busy! I've got so many things to do! Go visiting with Kalowee, finish off my music, business, maths, biology.. T_T, watch Eagle Eye (anyone interested? :P), visit MD with Kalowee, baking on sunday, find some time to do some sports.. go over to Khushboo's for the "fitting". Gah! I hope i'll be able to find time to do everything!

The first week back to school is gonna be hell-hectic :( We're gonna have International Day! (Which I am pretty excited about ^_^), Biology test on topic 6 and Business test on Modules 1 + 2.. Extra classes on Saturday, Shahbandar shall be on... along with Badminton, hopefully..

Bah. I have to go finish my TOK essay now so I can email it to either Kenken or Kalowee to help me pass it over to teacher tomorrow so I won't have to do extra words. Also, I need to pack! I have not packed! I have no clothes :( Eurgh. So frustrating.

OH. Najee passed me episode 1 of the new series: Priviledge. Its a pretty not-bad series, so far. The neighbour guy: Will is SMOKING HOT. Like seriously zzz. HAHAHA But yeah.I wanna downlaod the rest of the episodes.

I think I'll be blogging while I'm in Bangkok though, Cause I'm most probably bringing my laptop along with me ^_^ If I don't...

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim Readers!
(on the 2nd, Setember 2008!)


p/s Have I mentioned how much i LOVE Taylor Swift? I love the lyrics from her songs.....

I Heard a song tonight on the radio
Another girl sings about a boy
Just sees his face in every space
Every room
And I know, yeah..
If I turn around you won't be there
If I close my eyes will you be there?

I don't wanna lose your face
I dont wanna wake up one day
And not remember what time erased
I dont wanna turn around
'Cause Im not scared of what love gave me and took away
And I dont wanna lose your face..

I wish the sky had your face,
And the oceans had your eyes,
And the sun could have your lips,
And I had you...

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