Monday, September 29, 2008

when the music starts to fade..

BECKY ; exactly right. Angel has yet to find out of about the pictures. HMM
DIANA ; thank you, thank you :P
CASSIE ; aww! Thats really sweet of you (: Thanks!
NECROLIC ; exactly right? :P
ERIC ; HAHAHA. Are you tired of breathing :P Smelly! :P
READER ; hehe, thank you (: Yeah, i guess some people are just bored :(
MANDA ; exactly right? :) HI btw, haven't had any tags from you for a long time now :P
:D ; exactly! Thats a great point.

In Retaliation to/ In response to:

28 Sep 08, 21:28
boyfriend stealer: i guess youre friends really do love you huh? amelia doesnt evn care to reply but her FRIENDS are all replying for her? i wouldnt want to be her.. shes the lasst person i would want to me. puuuhhleass

; Correction, I did reply, but you just didn't bother to read. Oh well, wasn't expecting you to anyway :) and and, yes, joy :D I really do think my friends love me ^_^

28 Sep 08, 22:18
boyfriend stealer: such childish ppl. dont tell me in your whole life you've nvr had any typing error?

; well, they're not being childish per se. Correcting somebody's language isn't much of a childish act now is it? You wanna know whats childish? Coming up to peoples blog and flaming them on their tagboards and not wanting to use your real name. Now, That's childish.

29 Sep 08, 14:50
passerby: hahahahhaha pathetic little blog.i totally agree with boyfriend stealer although i dont even know what boyfriend stealer is talkin about:S

; To agree with someone when you don't know what he/she is going on about. That's not pathetic at all (: I'm sorry my blog is "little", I didn't know there were other sizes available for blogs.


Apart from the little "drama" on my tagboard (so yesterday HAHAH WTF). Today, school was alright (: Bio practicals, Maths test, Hot humid weather.. Yeah. It was cool.

I've got TOK and BUSINESS IA to do tonight! And I have to finish both of them by tonight so I can hand them in tomorrow :( Since both are due on Wednesday and I won't be here on Wednesday! Boo.

might be back later.


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