Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'll be your angel giving up her wings..

if that's what you need.
I'll give my everything to be your anything.

*yes, I am aware I have some drama going on the tagboard, but I already said what I needed to say so I'm gonna ignore it for now. I haven't got a clue who Jess is as well. But really, yeah okay. I shall have no say in this*
ERIC ; hehe, thank you! (:
NECROLIC ; agreed.
FAUZAY ; ya man. hahaha so many little girls came out crying okay. I saw :P
DESMOND ; haha! :P Isn't Rain just the most awesome guy ever ^_^ HAHA
KENKEN ; Excuse me, food will never let me down okay. I know that :P hahaha on the other hand, the I SWEAR TO GOD thing is Kalowee's. I'm only- I SWEAR. HAHA I don't put god in the situation most of the time :P hahahaha but yeah. Come lah this week! Maybe we'll have the whole coconut session. hahahaha wtf :P

OKAY. I am very troubled. You know how you get this certain craving but you just seem to put your thumb on what it is you're craving? and you just eat everything you THINK you're craving but.. they just don't satisfy your craving. And it frustrates you like crazy cause you go around eating and eating but you still are not satisfied. YES THIS IS MY SITUATION RIGHT NOW! I know I am craving something sweet from the bakery. Not a donut, or a red bean bun. MIGHT BE BUTTERMILK.. (I have not tried that yet). I've tried red bean, kaya puffs, custard puffs, chocolate eclairs, pandan cake, banana cake. Nothing. None of those made my tummy happy! :( I need to get some buttermilk buns soon or I'll go crazy. I'm not even sure if thats what I'm craving even. It might be pineapple tarts? I'm pretty sure its not. Its not kueh lapis or kueh mor as well cause I had them both yesterday and I'm still craving for something else. Eurgh! So frustrating. I can't concentrate on things for too long cause I keep on thinking what on earth can it be that I'm craving so badly. Gawd. So annoying.

Attending my father's friends open houses tonight. I hope there's some nasi kuning or some nasi briyani of some kind. I'm kinda craving those + good cakes or some good vegetable curry. Mmm.. OR BEEF RENDANG! BUT i still need to find out my sweet tooth craving. Suggestions?? hahahaha. Eurgh.

Okay Back to biology and cell respiration and all.

My english orals in class today was a total flop :( Instead of speaking for the 12 minutes I'm supposed to, I only spoke for 5 minutes and completely died at the Q&A section. I do not know how lenient my friends are but everyone gave me 19,20,21 T_T I would have given myself a 10 out of 30. Lesson learnt: Never to prepare an english commentary (or any languages of any sort) when being under the influence of two kinds of cough medication. -.-

Speaking of cough medication. :( I'm still sick! Its been 11 days and my cough is still ongoing, worsening in fact and my flu is still with me. I went to the doctors yesterday and yeah. I've got new antibiotics and new cough syrups to try but ARGH. SO annoying. I hate it when I cough :( So grr.

Goodness, I just realised I've got so much to finish this weekend. And thats just tomorrow and whats left of today and tonights gone already. Oh my my my my...

it doesn't hurt less. like its supposed to.

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