Friday, October 17, 2008

I remember when I gave up loving you,

My heart could take no more of you..

p/s I changed the font size larger, although you can't really see the words in bold or in italics :( and white seems to be a pretty difficult colour to read. Any suggestions on what would go easier on the eyes? I'm sorry and i really appreciate it if you still take the trouble to read :) Sorry! ^_^ and thanks.

NECROLIC ; of course.
CHLOE ; sometimes I just don't get your tag :P But, I totally appreciate you making the effort to tag. :D
DIANA ; hey! You're not that shabby at shahbandar yourself okay :P haha. Should join us sometime! (: btw, your sugar thingy today was good stuff that :) not too sweet. Very nice.
NAT ; yeah, Vietnam has insects. And so does Thailand. But its not the insects that I look forward to. I'm looking forward to the more less-eccentric food.
DENISE ; haha. :P thanks? and lucks to you too? If I'm not mistaken, we're finishing at about the same time? But yeah. I've never been really stressed out about anything my entire life. Sooo... it'll be something new :P
ERIC ; so whut? haha HI smelly!
MAPLE ; Hi! (: Thank you. Although its really nothing. This layout is so simple! All I did was added a little text. :P
NAJEE ; WHO! oh my gad. do you actually mean you know someone who LOOKS LIKE rain?!! HAHA
SANDRA ; Hi! (: Yes, I'll be glad to make something for you. Just, not anytime soon. I'll do it promise! Just now its abit busy. ALTHOUGH.. I don't have your pword/username anymore. So mind sending it to me? :) via email/msn. Whatever (: hehe And thank you! this layout's really plain :P
TING ; haha! :P I guess people do get used to the way things were huh :P HAHA I've been alright (: very uneventful life actually. I'm taking you're doing well? ting ting. Hahahah
DESMOND ; actually, I was gonna buy his original CD. Because thats what I do for rain *heart* HAHA. He's the only one I'm willing to spend money on original CDs.For now I'll be downloading songs off the internet :P not the entire album. But hey! What do you mean his songs are so... *random symbols*? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? haha

Hello! (: SO. Today's gonna be a long picture blog. Well, there are gonna be some pictures I suppose cause so many people complaining lah that I have too much text :( I'm sorry okay I'm so lazy to take pictures nowadays since my hair is so un-camera friendly anyway :( And whats the point of pictures if we can't look nice in them?! HAHA. I mean really wah :( all the pictures with my hair like this.. all aren't nice at all. And i'm really picky about nice pictures :( its been ages since I've had like a decent picture of myself/with anyone else. But oh well. Life goes on *emo* Haha

Yeah. SO. This picture. When this picture was taken, (long time ago) the situation cracked me up silly. It made me laugh quite a bit to be honest. .. CAN you see whats wrong with the picture? 0=)

Yeah, some smartass totally took parking to a whole new level :P Trying to create his/her own new trend.

Yeah. I've been pretty excited about today for quite awhile now. First was the process of deciding what I should wear on the day cause 1) I don't have a cheongsam and the only international costume I have is the Baju Kurong and that's so.. unoriginal ish. + Hari Raya's still on and yeah. You get what I mean. So I had this whole long tedious process where I have many sleepless nights. (no lah. totally exaggerrating that) but yeah, on deciding what international/country's costume I could come in. And after thinking for a while I decided on the most obvious one! I swear! if only i thought about it so much earlier. Safe me all those tossing and turning on my bed. But yeah.. Guess which country I decided to dress after? (is this the way the sentence is supposed to be? :S )

INDIA! (: Yeap. I borrowed a pretty purplish blue sari from Khusbooh! (: who was an absolute darling! She's so wonderful okay and her mom too! I went over to her house with Kalowee like last week, and they decided on this pretty purplish-blue number and her mom proceeded to give me a tutorial on how to wear a sari! And I've got the video and everything. And she was so patient and so nice lah! And its not easy mind you, wearing the sari. There's so many steps and like.. Its just not wrap and toss over to shoulder :P But yes, MANY thanks to Khusbooh and her mom! (: Its been a wonderful experience getting to don on the sari and spending half a day in it. And I absolutely love wearing it! its so comfy and the long skirt and yeah, makes me feel so elegant/lady like. Cause i totally tried sitting in my tom-boy fashion and I just couldn't do it. Gah. AND THE PLEATS! oh my goodness. The pleats infront of my sari (you will see in the pictures..) I DID THEM MYSELF. *PROUD* You would be proud too ok. Its NOT easy to do those damn pleats. Took me so freaking long okay. It was so difficult to unpleat them :( all my hard work. HAHA

Okay, that was a long paragraph. Anyway, since Kalowee attended the 'tutorial' with me, it was decided it was the best if she was there when I was getting the sari on. And thank god okay. My eye coordination is the worst ever and since I'm short, there's this whole thing how the sari thing has to be longer than the skirt but the skirt isn't supposed to show my toes -.- and the tail thing should be just past my butt and not too long/too short. But yeah. I went to Kalowee's at 6 this morning and by 6.30 and 3 tries, I still wasn't able to get the sari on properly! We were desperate already by then. But! ALAS! *drama* HAHA Like they always say, fourth time the luckiest (okay, actually no since the chinese believes that 4 is an unlucky number and lahblahblah) But yeah. We did it the 4th time and IT WAS PERFECT! Everything fit into place! Well, my skirt was a little flooby but it got sorted out. :) The length was perfect, MY PLEATS WERE PERFECT! amen to that T_T and yeah :) everything was in place. Then I stuck my bindi (the thing on the forehead)and the body art stickers on my back and wore my bangles (courtesy of the lovely Khusbooh!) and my earrings ( which btw, I am now suffering an itch from wearing :() What about shoes? Well, thats the thing about sari's! You have to wear the shoes before doing anything cause its all about lengths! Yeah. I wore heels. Because Khusbooh told me sari's look nicer on tall people and woe is me because I am short. So thank god for heels even if they were a bitch to be in for like 4 hours running around school -.- But yes :)

Omygad this is getting so wordy. I bet you guys are all rolling your eyes like. GOD AMELIA TYPES SO MUCH CRAP. OKAY SORRY OK. I'm just excited about this thing. hahahah So anyway, we got to school 5 minutes late :) which was just intime for the assembly and like yeah. Kalowee was super fast on the road. haha Road Rage! Tsk tsk so young.. so angry. HAHAH I LOVE YOU KALOWEE thank you for taking my perfectionism-ist so patiently :P I know I was totally pissing you off cause I had to be all precise and shit. HEHE

OKAY. I better say something about internation day before I start the picture post. International day was fun! (: there were SO MUCH food, too little drinks, bouncers, games and a haunted house! It was realllly cool cause each and every class was a different country and they had to decorate/do something with the classroom to like yeah. You get what I mean right? :P hahaha and its so nice to see everyone dressed up, looking oh-so-colourful/pretty! (:

This is me looking excited in the car! on the way to school :D
OH DID I MENTION. I sweat like I SWEAR 874698 litres of sweat today its not even funny. SO HOT OKAY. my gad. It was horrible. THE HEAT! and the sweat! Thank god for no sweat patches on the sari.

This is Kalowee. The bestest lesbianpartner ever in history!
I really don't know how she puts up with me wanting to be all perfect and stuff :P hehe
Oh ya. She wore a pretty purple cheongsam! :) With slits that Adam was very obsessed about....

So sad okay cause I didn't take much pictures. And this was towards the end of the day liao. First picture!
I know right! Shim and I was staring at her from afar going, "Who the hell?!"
and then i notice something that reminded me of najee and was like ," OMG NAJEE!!!"
yah and then we took a picture :P
She was in the haunted house you see :( She was in a lovely baju kurong before that.

Ka-Ka-Kalowee. with our vanilla milkshake.
made by Akmal. hahahah

With Shim and Vivian donning chinese apparels :)
(Sidenote/ SEE MY PLEATS! OMYGAD *love*)

KHUSBOOH! the lovely girl who borrowed me the sari among other things :)
This is apparently her first time wearing a sari as well! Gorgeous right? I love how she can wear pink + green and it looks so nice on her!


With Adam the gangsta. HAHA
He looks very Hang Jeboh kind of look right? Like you'd expect him to carry a keris around :P

Cristina! Check out her slippers! HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!

With See Kyeong! Apparently, this is the modernised version of the Korean dress! Very nice :) A little less fluffier. haha But yeah
She was in a really pretty sari before this! But I didn't manage to catch a picture with her in it cause she changed after wearing it for a short while :(
a pity tho, she was absolutely gorgeous in it!
With KenKen in a chinese dress. HAHAHAHA

Jenny Baby who didn't dress up. :( But oh well :P

Natasha! I swear, she can be like the next Miss World candidate okay. representing India.

With Nichola! In a Kimono. SO CUTE OKAY (: its so pretty. I want a kimono too :( with the huge red bow behind. hehehe

Okay. this makes Kalowee look short. -.-

Elaine in a pretty red number + kalowee
(I know i look way taller than Elaine, but we're the same height :P its the damn heels I tell you)

Getting ready for the picture..
I don't kno why A-man looks like he's choking himself -.-

There, a decent picture (:
With the great A-man. hahaha
(woah my sari drape got like nice layers here. T_T)

With Khusbooh, Cristina, Natasha and.. Fauzay and Geoffery. HAHA

With the haunted house people :P

You can hardly see German in the background! Hes the guy with the green face behind Dhah who is next to me :S
Other mentionables: L-R Najee, Ranjit, Ayeshah, Yellow Guy( I think thats Akmal), Dhah, Adam, QQdah, Jenny Baby and Shotaro

With QQdah who wore a cheongsam before her haunted house gig.
Which btw was a total success cause they actually succeeded in making some children cry.. HAHA

With QQdah, Ayeshah and part of Najee.

Damn, the top part isn't done properly :P but yes, thats me and my lousy eyes ;P
The headgear is Najee's tho. :P


Sweaty us :P

A-man being very enthusiastic abouth is coconut. His brother looks on. HAHAHA

Because after a long hard run/walk ehehhe nothing makes us happier than a juicy sweet coconut..


Kalowee and I (:

With Najeeee (:
Yeah, not that much picture eh? I will try and take more. I'm just so.. uninspired-ish. HAHA

Spent an hour+ on this post and I get the feeling people are just gonna look at the pictures and not read :( READ LAH! hahah if you're bored? I don't know?! HAHA But yeah :) its times like this when I remember my love for blogging okay :P the freedom I feel when I just start typing non-stop. Going on and on about stuff that you guys don't really care about :P *EMO* hahahaha wtf :P OKAY. SINCE I'M SURE THIS IS A LONG POST. I'll stop now.

Off for a good shower then.. English Orals to work on. We've got extra class inschool tomorrow :( So sad okay. Maths and English on a Saturday morning/afternoon. Whoopee!

ALSO must remember to get my own cheongsam! T_T Must find time to make one proper one haha. I actually do not like cheongsams much cause i have a very sensitive neck and i don't like the thingy at the neck, so high, makes me feel like I can't breathee.... :( I wore one when i was like 8 and I never wore one again after that. I remember feeling like I was dying in it T_T HAHA


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