Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Its true! I gave my all for you, now my hearts in two..

HELLO! (: I'm feeling all ^_^ now. Albeit the rather, 'emo' title. (its from SOS- Jonas Brothers :P) Its like, I'm repeating this mantra,.. I'm in my own personal space. Think happy thoughts... happy happy thoughts.... AND IT'S WORKING! (kind of) I tend to drown myself in music most of the time. No specific genre/artist/song. Just whatever that pops on my ipod and yeah. Most of the time I don't even hear people when they're calling me (oops, sorry :() but I think that may be cause I have the volume on a lil too loud sometimes *sheepish grin*

Yes, you can tell I'm feeling rather chatty at the moment. I wasn't much so this morning in school. I mean, today started off pretty shitty-ly. :( But everything became better. I love my friends! Even though they probably think they did nothing :S But talking about random topics and just talking shit really, helps (: it takes my mind off SO many things. And no, its not only about one certain person. I've got tons of problems at the mo'. BUT WAIT! before that. *HAPPY THOUGHTS!* Yes. :)

I want to go to Vietnam! I've been reading a blog of this lady who has been living in Vietnam for the past 7 months and she blogs about the food.. and THEY ALL LOOK SO YUMMY! I wanna have some of whatever she's having. Like ALL of them! ): I swear. If I ever go to Vietnam, I'm gonna make a list of food I need to try and just try em all out! Especially that banana thing with sesame seeds and condensed milk and sugar. Mmm~

I know, it seems very jobless of me blogging and stuff. Do not be fooled. I am packed to the brim with things I have to do :( Everything has to do with school of course. This is apparently the term that the teachers deem "social-life-killers" and I get why. Our world lits are all due in a months, end of the month we have our orals.. in one month, malay orals.. then extended essay.. TOK presentation, TOK essay. Wow. :) So exciting. :D I mean really! I wanna see how stressed out I get. Would it be to the stage my hair starts falling?! Or I start losing excessive weight?! Or I get insomnia... all these possibilities :P haha + I do kinda work alright under pressure! I mean, I know I can take pressure :P Hell, I'm the biggest procrastinator right? :P So I always do my work all in the last minute (very bad i know) But meh. I still finish what I have to do. and usually just in time ^_^ ( OK I KNOW TOTALLY BAD THING TO BE PROUD OF BUT YAH :P)

OKAY. Just this short post. I have...
1) TOK stuff to research on
2) Study Business
3) Work on Maths IA
4) Study Biology
5) English Orals....

And tons more lah :( But i can't possibly list them all out right :(


WAIT. I went to shahbandar with Kalowee, A-man, his Brother and Ms O. It was good. Ken (along with Con and Val) and Shim were supposed to join but school work kept them from doing so :( Finished 7 hills in an hour-15 min?! 15 minutes because Kalowee was dying and she kept sitting down :( HAHAHA :P Lazybum (: But yeah. Then we had coconut feast after that and it was awesome! :D I feel good. *cue music ^_^* Apparently, we're having a 'larger' group next week since we've got people like Najee, QQdah, Dhah and some of A-man's brother's friends... So yes! :D The more the merrier? Although, a little more embarassing cause Kalowee and I can never lead the group :( And like, we're often the last behind also. Damn our stamina! -.-


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