Sunday, October 12, 2008

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer.

KENKEN ; hi ken. Why emo! WHY! Is it because Rain looks emo? But he doesn't! he looks.. perfect. :0 maybe he could use a little smirking but he's fine. oh wait are you talking about me sounding emo? Hell yeah I'm emo. :( You would be too if you got sick since wednesday and is still not on the verge of getting better. AND WE'VE GOT SCHOOL TOMOROW And and to that saying, being sick is also proof that you might be dying soon. Or something. HAHAHAHA :P jks
NAT ; thank you! Do you like the layout cause now you can just tag without scrolling and therefore no need to reply my entries? :P and you should buy a chemistry-at-home set so you can make it. HAHA
BECKY ; I know right! hasn't he always? :(
ALEX ; then you shall get used to this. Cause i don't think i'll be having time to change my layout anytime soon :(
ADAM ; okay. good idea. We shall try that sometime. If everyone was um the same size we should fit about (plusminus)20 ^_^V
SHIM ; why thank you kind sir (:
ERIC ; Thankew smelly! (:

So... School's starting tomorrow! How swell is that :( I for one am not looking forward to the start of school. There's two tests and a couple of deadlines in store for me. All in the first week of school :( Its so depressing + i'm not feeling too good as well. My sore throat is gone although I am still sounding a little funny. But my coughing and flu is still here with me. Best friends I tell you. We've bonded so well, i pray to god they stay with me all the time *pff~

I have been listening to Demi Lovato - Don't Forget the whole day today! Its such a nice song. Starts off slow and boring then suddenly this full heavy stuff comes on and completely startles you. Okay, not really. But its a good song. With pretty good lyrics. And she's only 16! something like Miley cyrus i guess but she's so much more likeable. So far. haha

So now I guess
This is where we have to stand
Did you regret
Ever holding my hand

Never again
Please don't forget
Don't forget

We had it all..
We were just about to fall,
Even more in love ..
Than we were before.
I won't forget
I won't forget
About us

Yah. Today, eventhough I cannot taste anything whatsoever, had Pan mien for breakfast, mcdonalds + Chocolate cream puffs and kolomee for lunch + good breaf from fun bread :P and a couple of servings of vit c (oranges). Its such a shame I can't taste anything though :( I want to! I'm just eating but I'm not tasting. Its torture. I swear :(

International day in 5 days. What are you coming in as? :) Its pretty exciting stuff, dressing up and all. There's a huge possibility Kalowee might be sleeping over :D MIGHT. I don't know. We have to discuss. KALOWEE!!! haha. So exciting. I've gotta get into shape or something like that because round is not a shape right? HAHA wtf. SHAHBANDAR TUESDAY - ON. FLU OR NO FLU, COUGH OR NO COUGH. It is on. Why am I so tempted to spell flu with an e, i.e FLUE and cough with a t, i.e COUGHT. -_-" HAHA.

Oh and i spent 3 hours sorting out my entire wadrobe. Not good.. not good. :( SEE time wasted on stuff that has nothing to do with education at all. WHAT IS THIS. I am the ultimate procrastinator. Nobody can beat me -_-

I NEED PICTURES! SO full of text lah this blog. i want to sleep :( i am starting to love my cough medicine :) they let me sleep so peacefully that when there's a black out and the aircon is not on.. i still sleep on and not wake. That is awesome. :0 what if i don't wake up to my alarm tomorrow morning? That would be shitty. HMM.

I'm actually thinking of what I should have for bfast tomorrow. I hope my sense of taste comes back to me. Its the only thing I'm missing right now. My mom told me my pan mien was awesome just now ;( But I didn't taste anything except a hint of ikan bilis. So depressing. Thats right. If anyone came up to me.. and asked me, "who are you missing right now?" First answer.. with no need to think.. is MY TASTE :( Because really, I'm dying not being able to taste whatever. Except for the bitterness of my medicine *pulls a face*

Wow I've typed so much today. I think I'm feeling chatty but not to people. To the screen. TO MY SELF. How sad is that :( cause i was being bitchy to Kalowee just now. Sorry luv :( oh. Becky just agreed with me that Gaspard Ulliel should be Edward Cullen. HELL YEAH OK. T_T besides Rain (L), Gaspard is perfection. He is! He makes cannibalism so yummy. WTF (go watch hannibal rising if you havent :P I only watched it cause I knew Gaspard is in it. And his accent is so freaking hot ok. goodness gracious) HAHA

OK I BETTER GO DO SOMETIME NOT PRACRASTINATY. :S like... eat some more :P haha its good right, nutrition :D BIOLOGY! I've got a test on wednesday.



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