Saturday, October 11, 2008

Instead of saying goodbye..

JIM ; haha. Cough Syrup = Marijuana, really? :S Also, very well written comment about Alex. I agree wholeheartedly.
YVONNE ; Hi! (:
NAJEE ; thank you :P hehehe Y'know now you can pass me your ugly betty and stuff and i can watch it in class or something. More discreet cause mine's smaller than yours :P HAHA
ERIC ; hi smelly! (: I've yet to try that :(
NAT ; haha I hate how some meds make you sleepy. So annoying. I guess its good when you want to sleep but can't but in other situations, just frust eh. Have u tried that recipe in your chem txtbk? HAHA
ALEX ; ok if u say so

YES. A new layout. Very VERY plain (: But I like it this way. And Rain's looking mighty finee. Spent so much time on this layout because I've got like three columns instead of two.. and the internet is being a complete retard :( But anyway. Yes, I like this layout! The colours from the original pictures are just so pretty.

Eventhough I was ass sick yesterday, went over to Najee's and Isa's for their open house. Wasn't much of a good idea :( I couldn't taste anything! Like, I've lost my entire sense of taste! And its such a pity because there were so many good stuff and yeah. And I got really tired towards the end. I mean, in between the 10 minutes (less than) ride from Naj's to Isa's.. I feel asleep in the car. :( So awful

But everythings been fine I guess. Been sleeping and sleeping and not doing anything remotely useful -.-

Blah. I better go do something useful .Like sleep some more cause I can feel a headache creeping up on me. And my nose is killing me T_T


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