Monday, October 6, 2008

Wait, please don't go..

NAJEE ; Luckily, i didn't come across any hookers that were 'interested' in me. Thank God right. HAHA
SHIM ; omygad. Embarrassing. Oh well :$ now the internet world knows I can't spell september :( Hahaha
JIM; haha sorry to disappoint :( And, now i know privileged is without a D in between E and G :$ HAHA. Shit man. my spelling is really really shitty ey.
ALEX ; OK sorry ok. my maths is bad as well. But I can't be bothered to divide all my purchases by 23 so I use a whole number i.e 100 Baht = 4 Brunei Dollars for simpler calculations.
EILEEN ; and to you too! (: should hang out next time you're back in brunei
KENKEN ; speaking of my dream phone :( I have decided not to get it. Like, I outweight my options, and the phone just doesn't seem so... possible. :( HAHA
CHRIS ; really? :( oh well. I just needed to change the layout cause.. well yeah. Just because.
KALOWEE ; I'm back :D HAHAHA Of course you know that ;) you've been seeing me since I've been back. hahaha
NAT ; exactly. you are very observant. HAHA But here's a long post.
ABBY ; we're girls right. We live by drama (wtf. not much sense sorry HAHA) HI!
BECKY ; Thank You love :)
Im a fan of yours; um okay. don't know what you did to me also.

OKAY before I go on with this ridiculously long post.. filled with pictures and texts hopefully..


You are awesome.
Stay awesome! Actually, just stay as you are. ^_^
AND WE WILL hang out when you come back to brunei okay.

Okay. *cracks knuckles* lets take down this beeches. HAHA wtf

So yeah. Thailand was awesome. I am in love with that country! The food, shopping, people. Heaven I tell you (: and everyone's so friendly and nice and the food is great and the shopping malls/marketplace are just super. Everythings great. The taxi fares are ridiculously cheap and yah. and they have reallly sweet pineapples :0 Haha

So here are a couple of pictures. I didn't take much cause i was using my other phone and yeah, didn't bother to take my phone out to take pictures much. And i Love the language! When they speak, its so fascinating! The way they pronounce the words and stuff. and the writing even! It looks so complicated, but when they start writing, its like 0_0 So cool ok.

This picture was taken randomly. I really don't know why I took the picture :0

I know its a really stupid reason. But one of the reason why I absolutely love Thailand!
So pretty hahahah wtf

Met Darth Vader and his croonies.
along with a Thai Anakin Skywalker. hmm..

Had super duper good steamboat on our last day. Crabs, Kobe Beef, Squid filled with meat, and yeah, the remaning of our soup was made into egg porridge. It was AWESOME.
We had both chicken and tom yam soup base.

Our crab. It was huge and juicy and succelent and sweet and yummy T_T

Mommy dearest :)
(yah i cut my fringe and it looks horrible -.- I look like i'm 10yrs old. WTF eurgh. but hair grows. It will in due time............)

Daddy Dearest
Yeah. Thats all I have from my thailand pictures. I have a few others. But they're just vain pictures of myself and my mom. hahahaha. :P We went to Chatuchak market on Saturday morning and it was super fun :D spent 4 hours browsing through all the stalls and eating coconut icecream with sticky rice. OMY STICKY RICE. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MANGO WITH STICKY RICE AND COCONUT CREAM. *love* Okay. My favourite Thai food:
a) Thai Mango with Sticky Rice
b) Thai Chicken Rice (fried Chicken) - THIS IS AWESOME. I have one plate everyday
c) Thai Kolowee (with pork slices) - Ok i'm aware its not called kolomee there. but its quite similar, altho its better.
d) Random Thai Kuih-Muihs - ALL OK. Especially those with corns in them. SO YUMMY?! Whattheeff.
e) Sticky rice in general. ANYTHING with sticky rice. - i.e Durian, Mango, Yam.., Sago.. Mmmmmmm

So right, I came back to Brunei at about 5pm on Sunday. 6.30pm I was in a car with Kalowee, Markus, Christopher and Mark for a raya session at Adam's! :) Reached the place at about 7 ish and everyone was playing with fireworks and stuff. It was good to see some people. Food was good as well, the potato salad everyone raves about. Yeah! As good as they say it is. Hahaha. AND HE HAS 4 super duper cute kittens *love*

Jenny Baby

Kalowee, love

Being funny in adam's room.
(haha wtf, i know)
Although he has one of the comfiest bed ever 0.0

With Rosleeee :)

ADAM! ^^
With two of the super cute kittens!
One of which was looking at Aiman's phone and the other one at Roslee doing a funny face.


With Kommunist KenKen.

With A-man
Yes, bad picture quality :(

You guys know my Ipod 2nd Gen? :) My faithful ipod, 1 gB, been following me around for the past 4 years.. and well, i've finally decided to let it retire.. to rest. Its been a good 4 years, she has been there for me alot.. (haha wtf.)

So, decided to get a new ipod :) The 16gB iPod Nano (4th Gen)
In pinK! :) I was actually deciding between, pink, yellow or purple. But Pink caught my eye the most. Yellow wasn't bright enough and purple was so dark it looked like blue -.- So yeah.

I'm so happy! Now I can have many many songs!


This afternoon, went rayaing with Kalowee and KenKen over to Fauzay's over at Lumut (near KB) -_- We braved the rain during the 1hr car ride. it was fun! Like, we tapao-ed buns for the road trip even though it was only for an hour ish. HAHA Talked to kalowee like brabis. We've not done that in a while. :) Then Kenken followed us back.
Food was goooood. Like, the durian kek lapis *love* and the lamb! I almost finished all the mushroom sauce *paiseh* HAHA

Yah. Weird picture much.
Although its cause Fauzay was feeling lazy and asked me to sit on the arm rest to take the picture -.-

Yah. Thats all from me today :) Should be a pretty long post eyh. Tomorrow, heading over to a couple of places to get some stuff done + Adib's! Then Thursday, I might be watching Eagle eye? I wanna watch that movie so badly! Shia Lebouf... mmm. HAHAHA wtf Okay, he's OK only lah. A little too short for my liking :P



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