Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cause it hurts.. so much.

Ohmygad. My throat is being a total bitch to me :( Suddenly, i've got a whole swollen throat. And it hurts! When I swallow or drink water.. and i've got this HUGE ulcer on my bottom lip.And my toes are swollen and bloody! :( So many problems. WHY!

I need a proper throat. Its hurting so bad :(

I need to download songs, suggestions anyone? (:

OH. watched Gossip Girl Episode 5 :) It wasn't so good. Bleh. Everyone's so fucked up y'know. And I feel bad for all of them :( But Blair's dress for her mother's fashion show was so pretty!

Watched Privileged S2,3 and 4. I don't like the main character: Megan much cause she's so annoying! like her reactions and stuff. Sage is just freaky. She SO does not look 16 and her eyes are freakily large. Rose is much likeable. She's so cute! :) And they've got so pretty clothes lah. Dayum. OH. Neighbour WILL is a complete hottie. I swear *faints* HE'S SO CUTE LAH!!!

Christina Milian - Until I Get Over You lyrics

Woke up today thinking of you
Another night that I made my way through
So many dreams still left in my mind
But they can never come true
I press rewind and remember when
I close my eyes and I’m with you again
But in the end I can still feel the pain ­ every time I hear your name

The sun won’t shine since you went away
Seems like the rain’s falling every day
There’s just one heart, where there once was two
But that’s the way it’s gotta be,
‘til I get over you…

Verse 2:
Walked through the park, in the evening air
I heard a voice and I thought you were there
I run away but I just can’t escape
Memories of you everywhere
They say that time will dry the tears
But true love burns for a thousand years
Give my tomorrows for one yesterday
Just to know that I could have you here

When will this river of tears stop fallin’
Where can I run so I won’t feel alone
Can’t walk away when the pain keeps callin’
I’ve just gotta take it from here on my own
But it’s so hard to let go

I love the song. Its so.. mmm~
There's another song by her. But some other day.. maybe a couple of months later.


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