Thursday, October 9, 2008

I've built my world around you,

I need you so..
Even though you don't need me now.

SHERYL ; Well, Privileged's about this girl, Megan who is a writer but is given a job where she has to "tutor" two extremely rich/spoilt 16 year old, Rose and Sage. So yeah. The story is based on how she has to make them study but there's all the usual love stuff and etc. :P
ELENA ; yeap! i downloaded them (: and and, yeah, the song's nice.
akaBISHOP ; okay, will catch it someday. Didn't get to watch it today :(
JIM ; glad justice has been done. haha
ALEX ; yeah. tranny land
SHIM ; thank you :P I'm quite good at my digresses (is that a proper word? :S)
KEN ; ohmygad. HAHA you do not look fat. Although you do not look like Ken either .Hmm..

Yesterday was a complete waste of time. Spent the morning at the doctors, after lunch.. 2 till 6, I slept. Woke up for dinner and shower, 7.30 till this morning 9, I slept.

So much time wasted sleeping! Damn the cough medicine making me drowsy and therefore sleeping. That is why I'm only taking my cough med tonight at 10. So I don't feel sleepy and sleep my whole night away -.-

My throat is still so sore and my coughings just bad :( and and my ulcer has expanded. My whole mouth hurts. Thank god, I'm not kissing anyone soon. (haha -.- funny, amelia)

Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day I think. Gotta discuss day with Kalowee. But I'm so tired and I hope to god I'm not so sick tomorrow :( I actually cancelled a movie date (well, not a date but a meet-up with a friend) because I'm so unwell :( and my mom went berserk on me when I informed her I was going out for a movie. "ARE U CRAZY. SO SICK ALSO WANT TO GO OUT *&@^#*&#" yeah. Now I'm never gonna get to watch Eagle Eye on the big screen. Gotta buy the DVD now :( Damn the shortation (is that a word) of time. OH is it Shortage? :S Yeah. Someone verify that plz. My mind is so screwed up. Although ,I have come to a conlusion that I am going to forget, I am gonna give up some memories. Its for the good. I'm so screwed up. The state of my mind that is.

Or maybe, just me. Not my mind. or both. the whole package. Fek my head hurts and I think I'm getting the sniffles now. :( I hope I'm OK tmrw. I wanna be able to do whatever I wanna do :( and a formation of one single inflammed pimple just popped on my cheek today. Oh, lady luck shines on me. :(

Oh, woe is me.


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