Friday, November 7, 2008

Because, I found you in so many pages..

And I miss you.
More than you'll ever know.

DIANA ; yes, indeed my dear friend. You are a wall. HAHA :P You look so innocent there okay. Everyone was running around the whole school looking for you. :P
DENISE ; Hi! (: hehe, I'm pretty sure you guys have tons of fun too! I mean like, if its all packed into one session, it'll be more.. jam-packed right? :P Hey, look who's the lucky bum, at least you're not stuck in Brunei :(
KENKEN ; someone was missing at school today. I wonder who.. HMM. Haha. I know right! Suddenly my posts are all so wordy :0 I bet people are like lazy to read even. Their eyes go x_X
CHLOE ; yah :) EXCUSE ME. Not even second... ;) rawr. Girl Power that.
MEIMEI ; Saw you today :) I love you! And don't worry. You'll look fine. See you soon.

Well, guess what? You guys know, Amazing Race yesterday? The one I mentioned that TEAM SUNGERBOB, got second place in? Well, apparently. We won this week's round! ^_^ Because we only got a time penalty of 3 minutes while the supposedly first time got a time penalty of 6 minutes! So that technically means, we're leading the race!! :D HEHEHE. So happy okay. Its like, we're the only all-girl team in AR and yeah. Leading team for two weeks now :) HAHA so kambang me :P Sorry, excuse my ego-ness. heh heh heh .its not everyday Kalowee and I suceed in something "sporty" okay. Like, once in a million baboon asses. And since the competition is tougher now.. I don't even know if we'll suceed the next round *sad face* haha

Anyhoots, the weekend is here once again! Damn, its really freaky how the time flies by SO freaking fast now a days. Its like, just last week I was kind of fretting about my extended essay. And bam! Today, I've passed up my EE, and will be working on my TOK presentation this weekend. Soon, December will be here and then 2009!! How fast is that? Freaky shit okay.

My mom and I got super adventurous today. Okay, maybe you won't consider it to be aventurousy.. but we had lunch with my cousin and my aunt at the Thai Restaurant in Serusop (Very good TomYam!!! and Fried Baby Kailan). Well, actually we were supposed to try the new Excapade Shoduku (?!) but it was full and we didn't make reservations.. so we decided to try out the thai restaurant on the same block since Becky told me the food was good.. And then they left cause the beloved cousin had tuition right.. and my mom and I were making our way to Easy Way (opposite) cause I wanted some coconut jelly.. when suddenly..

MOM: Girl, you want to eat sushi?
ME: What?! I want easy way.. AND WE JUST ATE LAH. What is this.
*continues walking..*
ME: Actually.....
MOM: You want sushi.
ME: Yes.
MOM : okay lets go.

HAHAHAHA. YES! AFTER LUNCH, we made our way to Excapade (which was pretty empty by then) and had 5 plates of sushi + Fried salmon skin and... a scoop of macha ice-cream with red bean each. :D HAHA! Crazy right. Who has lunch right after lunch?! But it was cool I guess. I LOVE GreenTea Ice Cream+Red Beans! its the bestest combo EVER! *love* I swear, I'm turning into a glutton (or am I one already? ?_?) but yes. Its insane the way I'm always eating now a days. Its quite alarming :P

" π " Thats a pie for you.
And I did that by pressing alt+p!! And apparently if i press alt+ whatever letter, i get different symbols and stuff. Cool shit eh.

Yah. Sakai.

Anyhoot, MADAGASCAR 2 is out next week!! And they have sneak previews this weekend. I am SO excited! This is definitely a must-watch. Gonna laugh till we pee in our pants/skirt?! I don't know. Heheheheeeeee.Actually i don't know. I'm hoping the cartoon won't disappoint.

OH! We're picking up the new maid tomorrow! :D SO ECSTATIC OKAY. I cannot express my joy over the internet. But if you know me personally and have talked to me these few days, you'd prolly already heard me going on about getting the new maid!! I swear. I CANNOT WAIT. I'm so .. happy. zzz Everything is going to be neat in in order again :) Like my closet! its in a TOTAL mess! and I can't find half of the apparels I wanna wear and they're all jumbled up and eurgh. Its so frustrating when I specifically want to wear something and can't find it.. And then.. my room! Its like a pigsty. Not funny. AND I CAN START BAKING AGAIN! Cause there'll be someone to clean up after me. YAY. :)

Yes. I am going to do a little maths today. Cause today's my "day" off and I don't really wanna do anything. But I just remembered I have maths homework which is due tomorrow in extra class........ -.- Which only means... JING CHEW in the morning with daddy! :D Peanut bun and Buttermilk bun, here I come! :D Actually, I might just have myself some roti kuning (JC's Roti Kahwin with the thick slab of butter and tons of oh-so-good kaya....) And then lunch at Charcoal's? Not sure bout lunch yet. But I sure am craving some good pasta at the moment. Hmm...

OH and I've been downloading 90210. So right now, I'm gonna be following: The Office (Season 5), Gossip Girl (Season 2), Privileged (Season 1) and 90210 (Season 1). I know, SO not the time to be following up on TV series.. but meh. A girl can multi-taskish right? HAHA wtf not really. But yeah.. they're only 45 minutes long and the office is only 20. Its okay right? :P

OKAY. LONG WORDY POST SORRY. I've actually got more to type on like.. but okay. I get it. your eyes are tired now..


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