Thursday, November 6, 2008

You, doing that thing you do..

Breaking my heart into a million pieces,
Like you always do..

So, Hi! :)

TEAM SUNGERBOB is in the SEMI FINALS of ISB's AMAZING RACE!!! :) Obtained second place! :) So fun!! Along with Christopher+Najee (Kura-Kura), Alexis+Fauzay (Khemists) and a year 11 group (Chicken and Nuggets) HAHA. It was double elimination this week cause we don't have AR next week. Isa+Adib (A.I) and Ken+Con (Keon) got eliminated this week. What a shame :( Today, we had to dance, hula-hoop, do a quiz and run around looking for a great wall of China (Diana :P) And yes, it was all good. The dancing was a little tedious though cause we had to memorise a dance routine and perform on the stage. HAHA THANK GOD Kalowee knows how to hula-hoop! Cause I can't hula hoop for life.

Spent lunch trying to do some Integration for maths in the library but ended up watching some boys playing Yu-Gi-Oh. HAHA. I was being annoying i think.. "ooo, what does this pile mean?" " EH why he put his card there?" "why is this card blue??" "how do you know when you die?" "how do you win??" and etc. But it was adorable seeing them play :P I didn't end up finishing my maths. And they were a pretty good bunch of kids, so patient explaining and entertaining me :P

Yah. Went to Shahbandar just now with A-man, Kenken, Kalowee, Vivian and Shimmy. Although, I was with A-man and Kenken most of the time cause we took the 9-hill route while the others took the 7-hill route. I'm still trying to finish off the whole thing in about an hours time but maybe cause I didn't exactly have lunch and right before Shahbandar, I was running around school.. but we took 1 hour and 15 minutes to finish it! I swear, before 2008 ends, I'll do that 9-hill route in an hour or less. *determined* HAHA

Had awesome peanuts+ikan bilis just now. I have not had them in ages! Teamed up with wholemeal bread= Awesome. Really! A little dry so be sure to wash them down with tons of milk :P HAHA I know, weird combination. But it works! Also had mixed vegetable rice with Mu Choy Kau yok. I don't know how to say that in english, but it was SO good. T_T Going off to the new Exacapade in Serusop for lunch tomorrow! I'm craving for sushi. Tons of it. mmmM~

And here's something a little more easier on the eyes :P


On Sunday, a bunch of us attended Khusboo's Deepavali Open house. It was an experience! There were tons of food and ice-cream and so much Fire Works!! It was really fun (: and everyone was so pretty. And the food was really good. Had so much briyani and naans and ICE CREAM! Haha. Followed Kalowee down there and I have a really bad sense of direction :( I accidentally directed her into a different simpang and we were getting ready to reach a big white house but instead ended up in an empty lot. -_- Scared us a little since it was dark already right. So creepy :P

With Najee and Khusboo :)
Have I mentioned how I absolutely LOVE cute prints on socks?! :D Yeah. I do. I loveloveloveee them! While I was in Bangkok, I picked up a whole bunch of socks with different prints on them :) and yeah, been wearing em to school.. Here's one of my favourite. Multi-coloured polka dots!

My dogs *love*



And these are Kalowee's personalised one-of-a-kind shoes.

And I don't know who drew this. But its my fav picture in the English Room :P

Kalowee and Ranjit.

With Dhah :)

Yeah, this is what we do in english. Chess. HAHAHA
No lah. We had a free period that day cause Mr Grieve was sick.
That's Isa's and Jacob's butts. :P

Trying to look gangsta' and failing.

Yes, this is how my eyes look when I dont get any sleep for more than 24 hours.. :PRight, Biology and Maths is calling my name. Actually no. Sleep is callling my name. I'm SO tired T_T


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