Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You leave me breathless..

BECKY ; hehehe. Although the quality of my work is rather questionable... hmm. talk to you soon bestie (:
BASHERS ; haha, thanks. although, um *blush* body's not anywhere hot. Not anywhere near even :P
JO ; i think that was his aim :P
ESTHER ; how ARE the ice-kacangs in Australia? Do they put corn???!! *essential that* :P And do they add ice-cream? :P
SHIM ; totally not cool. At least you guys don't have a bio test on friday 0_0
MAPLE ; hi! (:
AMANDA ; hehe, thank you.

Well, I'm supposed to have a whole bunch of pictures like right here in this post to contemplate me not blogging for the past few days :) But, the internet is being shitty as hell. So.. tomorrow lah :) or Friday. Might be studying biology tomorrow night.

So what have I been up to?
Since 2 am YESTERDAY morning (Tuesday) I have only managed to sleep for an hour. So, when I go to sleep tonight at 11pm, I would have forgone 45 hours without sleeping!

Surprisingly, I managed to function quite well in school! Didn't fall asleep at all and managed to like do work man :D *proud* What did I do, you might be asking.. Well, I was working on my Extended Essay on some topic with Singapore Airlines and Emirates. From having a 300-word Introduction, by the end of day two (or beginning- this morning to be exact), I had 3,500 words! :D And since its the first draft, I'll just have to tweak it a little add in another 500 words and voila! EE good to go/crossed off my list. :)

Yeah, I've been really busy with school work. Its like, the best drink to have in the morning that will 100%guarantee will keep you awake and is not coffee is.. green tea! Seriously, its the one thing that keeps/kept me awake! I brewed 4 teabags in one cup and downed it all down in one go. Ultimate waker man. I don't quite like coffee cause when I take my coffee, i use a whole lot of sugar (i'm talking at least 5 teaspoons heaped sugar okay- not funny. *cue Fareed: Diabetes. HAHAHA wtf*) cause I LOVE my coffee sweet with tons of cream. Mmm.. and that's not very healthy. Especially not in the wee hours of the morning/late hours of the night. :P

Yah, this blog is just a filler, cause I haven't blogged properly in a couple of days and boy, have I missed blogging :( Its become such an essentialy thing in my life right now. And it sucks that I am actually lacking time to blog! After this I'm gonna do my maths homework, waste some time and then get some sleep - finally.

Okay, ANYONE knows where on earth can I find Macaroni and Cheese in any shops/cafes/restaurants? I've been craving for it like KERAZYYYY. Like seriously, this must be my thrid week and I'm still freaking craving for some lovely creamy mac n' cheese. Yes, and I found these amazing green tea cookies from Jaya Hypermart. A-man loves em and yeah, they're very yummy. I'm also trying their cream cookies. Just as nice. Although a tad too sweet. OH! Finally tried LOF Bakery in Serusop! Eversince I saw a feature on it in Borneo Bulletin, I've always wanted to try it out. But my mom's always too lazy to drive down to Serusop -.- Anyhoo, For Kenken's birthday, Chloe and I popped by after school to grab a cake for him and while we were there we decided to buy a couple of baked goodies. OMYGAD. I swear to god. Their Brownies Cupcake. Kalowee and I thought we took a bite of heaven and died. IT WAS AWESOME. Actually, it was so awesome that the very next day, I demanded my mom bring me there after school so I could purchase the same brownies cupcakes. zzz I'm serious!! The next time you guys are at Serusop, drop by LOF Bakery/opposite Mum's and get some of their brownies cupcakes. Although, one is enough cause they are so decadently sweet. One will be just right :)

So right, when my mom brought me down to Serusop, we also stopped by the Lee Loi Fatt there (same row with Jolibee) and I had a huge plate of Cucur Keladi again (Fried Yam). Eurgh, it is awesome. Nothing beats fried yam. Except maybe fried bananas, but they're not really in the same category right? but yeah. Especially when eaten with the black sauce that comes with it. So good. And with some ABC as well!! With tons of evaporated milk. *love*

Speaking of love, Dhah, Elaine, Shim and I had a disney singing fest during lunch yesterday. The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Anastacia (okay, not disney but meh), Aladdin, The Lion King. You name it, we sang the songs. Towards the end we did a little Nsync and Phantom of the Opera ;P It was good. I LOVE Disney music! My favourite is Aladdin's A whole new world with Princess Jasmine. Its SUCH a sweet song! Also, My favourite disney Princess ever has to be The Little Mermaid's Princess Ariel. Yes, yes, I'm still a kid at heart :) hehe.

OH and caught Gossip Girl S02E09. I'm so annoyed about Nate & Jenny. I hate Jenny! She's so whiny and annoying and I really don't like her new hair do. (yeah, maybe I'm just upset she got to lock lips with the ever so hot, Nate Archibald.) I mean, HOW HOT was Nate in the latest episode when he was in the long sleeved black&White tee? Zomgz. And I'm starting to like Chuck a little. I'm still ever so in love with Blair :P haha. Serena's Alrighttttttt. I just don't like Jenny. and, Vanessa! I don't like Vanessa. Eurgh. Although I am getting a little (very small percentage that) annoyed that they all fall in love within their little circle. There's no new characters.. cept' for Aaron. But I doubt he'd be in for the long run. I mean, Dude. Nate's been with ALL the girls now: Blair, Serena, Jenny, Vanessa -_- And eww much, Jenny's only 14!!! Eurgh. hahaha Yeah, sense the enviness in me :P

AND AND PRIVILEGED! I swear to god. Will has got to be the sexiest neighbour EVER. I mean if he was my neighbour and I saw him every day/talked to him. I really don't know what I'd do. T_T when he smiles, he kills ok. No joke. HAHA And I absolutely LOVE Megan's Clothes!!!! They;re so freaking pretty and it doesn't help that she looks absolutely gorgeous in them as well. Gah! I need new clothes. I have nothing to wear to school anymore! This morning I woke up and I was gonna wear a skirt. But I just couldn't find anything that felt right :( So i went to school in jeans. And its so frust cause I wanted to wear a skirt so badly okay. Okay, that was completely irrelevant to privileged. but ok.

I think I'm gonna go do my maths now and GET SOME SLEEP. God knows I need the sleep. My face is popping up pimples like nobody's business. My SKIN is dying. I look like death. Literally -.-

Oh oh. Amazing race tomorrow! Team Sungerbob leading the race tomorrow :) . If we get past this week, we'll be in the semi-finals!! *excited* I'm a little skeptical though. We're the only girl-team and it has been that way for a couple of weeks now. So.. I don't know. Must have faith right? *repeats* We can do this, we can do this.....


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