Tuesday, November 25, 2008


MEIMEI ; welcome (: Hope you had a good day.
MANDA ; will watch. You haven't updated in aaaaaages :P
CHRIS_ ; okay
ERIC ; kinda? Excuse me :P You miss me okay. :D hahaha
DIANA ; yes, you do Diana, yes you do.
NAT ; of course you'd much rather watch a movie than watch grass grow. That's what I told grass-lover, Alex.
FAUZI ; what! Cikgu wasn't doing anything um.. important at that time what 0=)

Yeah, yeah. Its 2am right now. Been awake since 1. I am planning to sleep during the last period in school in the comfort of a single red sofa in the common room. But yes (: Spent the whole of last night looking for exactly 2 chinese songs. Hours spent over Google in chinese, and an online translator because I did not know what buttons I was clicking. It was all good, i have both songs now. Was it worth the 2 hours looking for them? hmm....... ( I am the pro-procrastinator :D)

I am aiming to complete some Malay WL this morning, along with my maths. I really should get my EE done as well. But maybe tomorrow that. I'm feeling so.. meh~ T_T

And we're sending in our UCAS application later in school. I've got my 5 university options that I'm applying to! I am a little worried because the points these unis are expecting are a little high and I do have to pull up my grades a little. Eurgh. So Frustrating. Why do unis have to look at our points, if we're paying to study there anyway? -.-

Had Sushi and cupcakes and a hell lot of bread and biscuits after school with Kalowee yesterday before "DT Club" (yes, I'm making a DVD shelf which fits 20 DVDS, well Ken is anyway. I stand and look in fascination at the wood being cut. Very sakai :P). It was all good, we should do it all the time now. :D and then I had fried squid + meatballs + vegetables + Soup for dinner. It was even better ^_^

I made salty banana cake yesterday. I feel like a failure, its kinda depressing :(

So hello Tuan Gatsby yang menyayangi Daisy yang kinda menyayangi Tom tetapi menyayangi Gatsby juga. ( Yes, I am attempting to write my WL based on Google and Sparknotes because really, I have not read Tuan Gatsby or Lagak Wasangka (Pride&Prejudice) in Malay. Or English to be honest.)

Wish me luck.


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