Wednesday, November 26, 2008


QQDAH! ; hehehehe you're our #1 fan kaliah! Thank you (: *love*
CHRIS ; of course you do.
ERIC ; hi smelly! Thats cause you never blog anymoree :(
KEN ;WHAT! don't judge :P hahaha i was so desperate for those two songs okay 0=)
A-MAN ; haha! Hey (: Sorry lah, malayku tidak begitu baik macam you. :P HAHAHAHA

Today was the finals for ISB Amazing Race! And TEAM SUNGERBOB (Chloe and I) were in the 3rd place from the semi-finals, started off, 5 minutes behind the leading team: TEAM KHEMISTZ (Fauzay and Alexis) But, guess who won!! HEHEHE


Second place goes to TEAM KURA-KURA (Christopher and Najee)
Third Place goes to TEAM KHEMISTZ (Fauzay and Alexis)
Congratulations to all! (: You all did well!!!

us after the race :)
All happy. hehehe

With Mr Holmes who organised the whole race :)
YEAP :) GIRL POWER OKAY! :) We're the only all-girl team who survived till the very last uh.. race :D hehe and first! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?! I thought we were gonna get kicked out the very first round okay :)


Going out now for the mexican buffet at Sheraton with my mother (who was also very delighted and surprised at the news :P) But yes! More soon!


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