Thursday, November 27, 2008

An option, was to never let go.

NAT ; thank you! :) and yes, mexican food is a little spicy.
CHRIS ; as if you do :( If you did, you wouldn't be bullying me all the time. lousy
ESTHER ; thank you! :) hehe
ALEX ; thank you for the respect :p
DIANA ; heheheeh ^_^

Just a quick one because I have TONS to do since school ends next week. Monday: EE & WL due, Tuesday + Wednesday: TOK presentation at ICC. and I have not done, anything. Well, I've done my WL.. just gotta print that out.. TOK, still gotta figure out the script.. and EE.. oh god help me with that -.-

But yes, anyhoo. Here's a new layout! :) its really lousy, i agree. But yeah, i had a whole different plan. but that failed :( cause somehow, my layout doesn't fall in the middle?! Anyone, wanna help me with it? *puppy dog eyes* So frustrating :(

I will change it as soon as I'm free of everything.

Can someone please tell me if *inserts name* likes chocolate?!!!


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