Friday, November 21, 2008

Cause bitch, I'm the bomb like..

Tick, tick.

HAHAHA That's Lil'Wayne for you. Gah, love. I love it when he sings okay. Its so.. nice to dangar. (lol @ attempt at malay slangish)

JEN ; haha, i think so too. Cause we were just desperate to like make up a "rap" so we just randomly selected words. Hehehe
ERIC ; Hi smelly! So true ;) rawr.
ALEX ; pfft, let nat decide himself. Who wants to watch grass grow anyway? Probably you.
LINA ; okie dokie (: Will do. I know you've deleted that. Just yeah, wasn't sure if it was temporary or what. hehe

Mmm.. school today was okay. English was interesting enough, Biology was superb specially since Ms O was in a wonderful mood today (: and Business was two period full of Youtube-ing for China Airlines and Place crashes and talking to Fareed about random things that really doesn't matter :P Oh, right and pricing strategies :P

I am $130 poorer today. I feel so horrible. Impulse buying!!! Nolah, actually I've thought about it for a week already and decided to buy today. I know I shouldn't have but its so tempting!! I need to stop all these wants man.

Am currently munching on random biscuits now. Already had about 12 pieces and my mouth still wants more, should I or should I not?That is the question. Oh well. Yes lah. *reaches in to get another biscuit*

Going to school later for the social/singing bees finals. I hope it won't be too hot and there won't be too many mosquitoes :(


OH YA. Went to Thiam Hock again for lunch! CLAYPOT NOODLES *drooool* Still so good. mmmm.. then had some uh.."snow ice" afterwards. Which was good as well. Ah, food. we have such a bittersweet relationship...

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