Thursday, November 20, 2008

Strumming my pain with his fingers.

Thank you to everyone who offered their condolences-ish.
TING ; hey! (: No, it doesn't end with 499. HAHA. Its pretty far-ish although you've got one digit correct :P
NAT ; yes, watch madagascar 2! Its a great movie :)
CHRIS ; Heyy. How can you possible miss me? T_T haha
SAB ; alrighty, will do.

Got tagged by FFffffauzzay,

1) Take a picture of yourself right now.
2) Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... just take a picture.
3) Post that picture with NO editing.
4) Post these instructions with your picture.
5) Tag 5 people to do this.

So.. here's me.
I tag: Amilyn, Becky, Elena, Denise and Chua!

Also got tagged by Sabrina to do a series of question, I'll do that some other time.

So, today, was the semi-finals for ISB Amazing Race.. Glad to say.. Sungerbob is still running! :) We got second place today which means, we're in the FINALS! How awesome is that ? :) It was really exciting today. We were expected to conjure up a " Rap Song" with 3 verses + chorus, then we had to run around with an umbrella getting pictures with seperate teachers doing funny things with the umbrella and.. then we had to memorise a script and perform it on stage in front of people. The most interesting was probably the Rap Song. Our Rap had to include the following:
a) Our team name (Sungerbob)
b) The member's name (Amelia and Chloe)
c) Toilet Brush
d) Kryptonite
e) Banana.

So here's our rap :)

Sungerbob is your kryptonite,
Superman fears with all his might.
Amelia and Chloe bakes a lot of pies.

Toilet Brush becomes our mic for the singing bees,
We are gonna be the next socialists,
Like Nicole and Paris.

Our names are Amelia and Chloe,
We are from I S Bee,
And we like to eat banana and Pieee.

Our favourite Snacks are milk and cookies,
Amelia likes to call Chloe Kalowee,
We love each other to the max-ee.

HAHAHAHA. Yeah. Did that in like less than 10 minutes man :P doesn't make much sense but it was fun.

Had a bake sale today as well. Spent 4pm - 11 pm last night baking: Butter cake, Nutella Cupcakes and Ginger Cookies. All proceeds today was towards the Miri Flood Victims thingy. It was good though, there were an excess of food! :) I'm so happy people actually bothered to bring food in for sale for charity. Its a good thing. Managed to raise a whopping $350ish. Not bad for a 40 minute sale right?

My face is literally bursting with pimples. Does anyone have any good recommendations for blemishes/acne? :( My face is at its worst stage ever. They're all over my cheeks/chin/forehead. I'm swamped with pimples. Its frustrating.

And, school ends in two weeks. WL, TOK presentation, EE are also due in 2 weeks. Am I looking forward to it? Looking forward to the holidays but to all the dead lines? not really. Honestly, I'm still not really feeling the "stress" haha. I'm still pretty relaxed. Which is very horrible of me, I know. But eurgh. I don't feel the need to freak out yet. That's unhealthy. Eurgh.

I'll end now, cause I got to do something then sleep. I'm SO exhausted. I think I'm going to sleep early tonight?

Life without Daisy has been extremely quiet. I'm still used to looking forward to hear her barking from the inside of the house when we came home. Or her being in the kitchen all the time.. Its so depressing that she's not here any more. Actually, I'm really frustrated about SO many things now. Daisy's Death, things in school, school work.. friends. Boys? Eurgh. I'm so tired of everything. I just want to go to sleep and never wake up some time.

And I would totally list out everything I've been eating. But that's gonna take forever cause I've beene eating non-stop. Like last night, while baking. I had 8 ginger cookies, 2 butter cake slices and 5 muffins with one WHOLE carton of full cream milk. Also had fish curry and rice and butter milk prawns with rice. All in one night before 11pm. How awesome is my apettite? *beams/radiates with fats :P HAHA*

Going crazy, I need someone or something right now to hang on to. Help?


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