Monday, November 17, 2008


(2005 - 16th November 2008: 8 PM)

You were a wonderfully, brilliant dog who never failed to make all of us smile no matter how pissed/sad we were.

You are definitely going to missed by us so much. The house is much quieter now that you're gone.. and my baking sessions are going to be a lot more quieter and sadder without you by my side asking for cupcakes or cookies every 5 minutes. Eating in the kitchen is going to be dull now that you're not there to stare at us with your huge brown eyes with lovely eyelashes asking us to feed you. And now, there's nobody to share my sandwiches with me or biscuits or toasts. Or anyone who'll greet us at the front door when we come home. Or anyone to sit on our laps automatically when we sat on the floor. (:

We miss you Daisy, you went too soon. It isn't fair. At least you're not suffering anymore. I'm sorry if you suffered before you passed away. I just wished, you didn't give up so soon. I wish you had more strength to carry on.

Raising you up since you were just a little puppy, watching you grow.. has definitely made me happy.. and has given me so much memories that I'll forever keep. I remember that faithful wednesday night, right after I came home from POA tuition and there you were, this little bundle of joy in the kitchen sleeping. :)

I love you. and miss you so much.

Rest in Peace.

(unfortunately the only picture I have of you when you were young. The rest was deleted because my damn memory card got corrupted :'( )


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