Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Di mataku, kau begitu indah.

KEN ; My tummy's pretty big I guess :( HAHAH
ERIC ; Hi smelly! Yes you are (:
ALEX ; Because I'm her cousin, and older. So therefore what I say, she listens :D ahahah
QQDAH ; hehe, sorry wah :( But yes, boyprenmu butt haha
NAT ; thank you! (: Why don't you uh.. suggest it at your school?
MEIMEI ; Swear to god, we'll go out after your damned exams so we don't have to rush :(

Right now, am at the school's library. Been Really REALLY Busy. So I'll update soon! By Friday at least. I'm got so many homework and tests and things that need to be done.

However, yesterday closed one chapter of my life. I am ready. (: but I'll be needing all the help I can possible get. And yes, this time. I want to. Therefore, it'll be more successful-ish.
(you'll get what I'm talking about if we're close ^_^)

Sidenote, Been watching 90210. And its pretty good. Not bad at least :P Good enough for me to wanna watch more. But of course, GG is way better IMO lah.


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