Tuesday, December 23, 2008

7 minutes in heaven.

I'll do replies some other time, I am feeling lazy.

Watched Twilight on the big screen with Kalowee and German, after lunch with Fauzay and Kalowee at Countrypatch. Awesome chocolate cake! T_T and their ham and cheese crossaint, was good although it wasn't Kalowee's taste. Hmm.. but yes.


See, I knew I would regret watching Twilight, I knew I shouldn't have but honestly, listening to all my friends and all the good reviews they've given me.. I guess I had a very good impression of the film.

I was wronged :(

Twilight is nothing like I expected. Kalowee agrees with me that, the movie is boring. and confusing (to people who have not read the book) because they jump from scene to scene without explaining much. Edward Cullen, is well. Not edward. Well, the Cullens weren't what I expected them to be. Alice was alright, and Emmett too. But, not Carlisle (I do hope I have the spelling right, can't be bothered to check if I'm right heh heh). Kalowee even think he looks like a mouse of that fish character from Hellboy. T_T and They're TOO pasty skinned! It looks so fake! as well as the eyes!

*digress* OMG I JUST REALISED I don't have any fall out boy in the ipod. eurgh. okay downloading timeeeee *end digress*

And I found Bella to be excrutiatingly annoying, very stiff and i just don't feel the love y'know. Like that sentence I absolutely love from the book "and thirdly, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him." When she said it, it was just that. Like a mere statement. Something that didn't mean anything. I WAS DEVESTATED T_T Its my most favourite sentence and it didn't hit me anyhow. It was just like that. Gah! (Sorry, i really don't know how to get my frustration across)

and is it just me or did Edward look pretty freaky when he was staring? :S I mean, don't get me wrong, Robert Pattison isn't all that bad, it depends on the angle and lighting, in certain angles he does look pretty decent. but mostly he doesn't look wonderful :( Like Edward is supposed to be like. Its heartbreaking really. AND HIS VOICE. When he first spoke, he sounded really rusty lah T_T Kalowee was like ,"WTF". hahahahaha.

Okay, aside from the disappointment in the cast and their bad acting, the movie didn't potray the book well enough. I know that the movie wasn't going to be exactly like the book. but, they could've made more effort to TRY and follow some parts in the book right? :(

Ok. would go on but i'm feeling lazy now

I will go now :) but I will be back! With pictures! maybe :P but there will definitely be pictures on Xmas which is... one day away! Cool that :) Not that we celebrate xmas :(

Sidenote, don't you hate it when people misinterpret things you say and tell other people what you said while making you seem like you mean something else completely different? Especially if its something negative. Or if the other person might be someone special..

Okay, i don't quite know what I mean myself. But hmm.. I know what I mean. Do you?

Gah. I am not sleepy, I am not hungry. Thirsty I think.


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