Monday, December 22, 2008

you're absolutely wonderful to me.

NAJEE ; you can't possibly like twilight that much?! hahaha. Okay, soon soon. I think I might be watching it tomorrow! :) Don't worry, I haven't touched anything as well. its absolutely horrible of us, but i think its the holiday mode :P not our fault. haha
NAT ; thank you! yes, i am having time although I really shud be using this time to do something uh.. productive. Btw, yes HK food is a little pricey.
CHLOE ; thank youu :)
DIANA ; exactly right:P he's so not.
ERIC ; pfft smelly, so not true okay :( i'm fat, not you :P HAHAHA
ALEX ; I think i'm using "raining cats and dogs" in the right context because it means raining heavily right? and it was raining heavily at the time of blogging. and haha, yeah, i don't think bad weather affects internet connection either :P Not sure actually.


Outing with Diana was a success! Not much of a DS session, we walked about Kuilap like tourists! So if you saw two girls desperately trying to cross roads, it was most probably us :P Had food at Au Lait and Fun Wok, both was good :) and we bought DVDs and had a good long bitching session. Very theraputical. Heh heh

Also 'bumped' into Kalowee, her brother, her best friend and her mom! While on the way to meet up with Diana.

Watched Wild Child, the one with Emma Roberts in it after I got home while muching on 2 kgs of tangerines. :) I love tangerines, i eat them by the kilos. Very sweet and succulent that. The movie's alright, very very predictable but it was fun i guess, and the boy in question is pretty adorable. Have I told you guys how much I absolutely love british accents? Well, the nice sounding ones that is.. not the harsh sounding ones.. hmm.. :P Like, Ronald Weasley. ah. Love.
(Yes, i know his name is Rupert Grint, but I am big fan of Ron in Harry Potter. My favourite character!)

I also bought the Korean movie: My Father. its supposed to be super sad right? and the main actor: Daniel Henney is an eyecandy. Bonus! :P Will watch that soon.. and yes. Watched Run Papa Run last night with mommy dearest. Louis Koo acts in it and its a good movie! very nice, and sad but nice! :) Very cute also lah that movie. I have been watching SO many movies, its no wonder I'm not getting anything done T_T Gah.

My Christmas Wishlist 2008.
  1. Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 (Although this is basically promised to me already, by March apparently T_T)
  2. Canon Powershot E1 in pink (Although my daddy thinks I do not need one?????? And if I must, he'll get me some other brand *sadface*)
  3. A nice pair of heels (I already have my eyes set on one! BECKY!)
  4. Geek Glasses! ( Diana is helping me find one in Singapore, thankew luv)
  5. A good pencil eyeliner in black.
  6. Tree. (no hidden meaning in this :P)
  7. and onwards.. TBA for the meantime.....
Okay, apparently, nothing then. Gad. I've been thinking about what I might need so that I could ask for Xmas, but nothing. I'm pretty sure I had a whole bunch of things in my head that I want but weirdly, i can't seem to recall now. :( eurgh. It will come back to me and I will add on the list.

OH. DEPRESSING NEWS, for me. Not going anywhere for CNY most probably. Yeah, you know how we always go to some new "exotic" country for CNY? Not next year :( Daddy thinks school would be too important to miss and therefore we would most likely be staying in Brunei for CNY. First time ever! how depressing :( I was looking forward for somewhere wintery and pretty. Eurgh.

School soon, I am actually looking forward for school :) not to the exams, just school. Crazy I know

I am also looking forward for tomorrow, I have a feeling tomorrow's gonna be a blast! yay.


p/s Sorry, i just reread my entry and I realise what I brat I must sound like. Apologies! I am not a brat :P I work hard for what I get. i think :S hmm

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