Sunday, December 21, 2008

I might just need you now.

I do, you know.

BASHERS ; yes! exactly!! they are called Tan Yuen. Haha :P i want some right now actually :(
DIANA ; ooh, sounds yummy! :) They're called tang yuen btw. hehehh
NADEE ; thank you luv :)
JO ; Yeap! I've heard her songs, and they're nice! Yes! I loved that scene too, so sad okay. Goodness, I love blair and chuck now i think. They fit so well!!

Watched Mozart and the Whale today. Its about autistic people and their struggle to be in love due to their circumstances. I found the movie to be extremely sad and at some parts, I found myself voicing out, " NO!" and like yeah. but the ending is a good one :) and its pretty sweet. And Josh Harnett is a complete hottie as well. I think I'll be lending this dvd to Vivian when she gets back from HK.

Heading out with Diana tomorrow for a little catchup session + DS time! She's just come back from KK and am already jetting off to Singapore on tuesday. I'm full of envy. I want to jet off somewhere too, and never come back. I'm feeling really frustrated lately, and lethargic and easily annoyed. And I get distracted oh-so-easily, and switch between moods even easily-er. Its not good, its unhealthy i think.

Oh I need to go shower now cause we're heading out for dinner and I need to wash my hair.

Speaking of which, I know my christmas wishlist! (although not important.)

I will update after dinner :) I am craving.. for.. something fried and oily.


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