Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hey, hey. Get tangled up in me.

A-MAN ; Hey. Not too sure about shahbandar yet :( but will inform you. The greens just to uh okay, i was lazy to change the colours. haha
NAJEE ; I know right! I have not heard/seen from you girls since school stopped. Pfft, what is this :P I will be watching twilight soon i think -.- Then we can talk about it :D haha
NAT and ALEX ; i am not talking/bothering to reply about anything that has to do with that topic -.- eurgh
DENISE ; Hi! :) Will do, and yes! HK/Macau was awesome! :) don't be jealous :( you get to live in Oman, way better than brunei anytime that :P
CHLOE and DIANA ; Hi! :D
JO ; Why! haha :P oh well, to each her own right? :P Maybe cause we have different taste in guys? :P hahaha i did see a couple of eyecandies that.
ESTHER ; yeap! The Kite Runner IS good :) I loved it! Its better than the second book though, which was good as well. but not as good
KRYSTAL ; yes right! the polo bun is kinda like our roti kahwin kuning. But... less sweet and definitely more crumbly and yummy. HAHA But i'm ok with our basic roti kahwin :( I want to eat some good polo buns. AND I KNOW RIGHT! Gaspard is like the hotness. T_T
TING ; haha! i am sure ^_^ its okay ting, its been a long long time anyway. Holidays have been going just great :) hehe

Yes, I am aware that I've replied some of them on the tagboard before hence the smilies but they might not read it on the tb? cause the posts get pushed down and if they checked in and looked for a reply, and see that I didn't reply, it would seem a little rude of me right? 0.0

Yes, I do think too much sometimes :P hehehe

I'm still lazy as ever to upload pictures cause the internet is being horrible :( its slow and frustrating and eurgh. And I totally dislike the weather in Brunei. its hot and unpredictable :( Like, it was burning this afternoon then it became cool and now its raining cats and dogs. Not that I mind the rain, I love the rain :) Rain is always good. It cools the weather and it makes me wanna sleep and.. dream. Dream good things.. like rainbows and mushroom soup. HAHA

OH yeah! A new layout! and this is here to stay for a long long time. And i think much of you would agree with it anyway cause its plain and its simple and the font is easy to read, not straining on the eyes and yes :) i am going to stick with this for awhile because school's reopening in 2 weeks, and then I'm going to be as busy as a bee I think and I won't be able to change the layout as often. And plus, I am getting lousier at this making layouts business :( I miss my creativity! WHERE ART THOU CREATIVITY?! :(

And something completely irrelecant, Kevjumba's got a new video up! :D So happy okay, he hasn't been making videos since going off for college or wherever he went and he's back! and Jackie's back! and he's adorable :) haha.

Back to my days.. 2009 is fast approaching! T_T Like, in 2 weeks, it'll be 2009 already! Its been so fast. I mean, like, time is passing by SO freaking fast its not even funny :( And I need to start revising, or try to anyway and exercise and do some school work.. and bake! and. god, so many things to do :(

So what have I accomplished this year? I think its time for my annual lists :P I know a little early this year. But I'll just do it now cause I'm in the mood for typing and thinking and listing :D i love lists! yes, i know i repeat that every year. In case you haven't noticed, I am a very repetitive girl. Not good.. not good..


  • I went through Year 12 and started Year 13.
  • I permed, and then straightened and tried out a new length (Short) on my hair :)
  • I screwed up my fringe countless times.
  • I have been to Turkey for CNY.
  • I went to Bangkok for the summer holidays.
  • I went to Hong Kong and Macau this christmas holiday.
  • I fell out of love, fell into love and fell out of love again.
  • I learnt to deal with tons of heartbreaks, as well as missing people.
  • I finished composing one song!!!
  • I have greatly improved in my Mandarin and Hokkien, thanks to Kalowee and Vivian :)
  • I have experienced going out of Brunei for the first time. (i.e KK for CAS trip, Singapore with the Music class :))
  • I went to Temburong with the Biology Class and had fun!
  • I started going to Shahbandar and now is able to finish all 9 hills in less than an hour! ^_^ (I started, with 2 hours for 9 hills. Accomplishment!)
  • I started using eyeliner! or try to. Haha Still fail at that department.
  • I lost a hamster, Lupin and a dog, Daisy. May God bless both of you..
  • I did my grade 7 Piano practical exam and didn't do very well..
  • I started baking! and started loving it! :D
  • I bought a new nano (4th gen) to replace the old (2nd gen).
  • I got a new laptop! (the macbook :))
  • I bought Rain's latest album! : his 5th! *proud*
  • I experienced not sleeping for 2 days straight due to my procrastination. -.-
  • I started my bad nail-biting habit again... (trying to stop.)
  • I put on some weight and am looking forward to losing it. (but not going to circulate my life around that..)
  • I have seen Becky very little, and I miss her but we talk on the phone enough to catch up on each other's life.
  • I turned 17!
:) Its been pretty eventful-ish i suppose. And I would have more to write but some are more personal and who knows who reads here right? haha.

And you "faithful" readers whose been following my blog for the past couple of years would also know I'll do some other lists such as MOVIES watched in 2008 and HOTTEST Girls/Guys 2008. But I'm not going to do that this year or anyother years. Haha, Firstly, too many movies to watch and my memory is failing me ~_~ and hottest girls/guys. I only have one for both. Rain for the guys, closely followed by Gaspard and Leighton Meester for the girls :) cause Blair is Queen. HAHA WTF.

Oh goodness, today's blog is even wordier than the last but yes, hehe wasting 5 minutes of your life. Sorry that.

Christmas is coming up soon! I don't celebrate christmas unfortunately, but I know some people do and I'm envious :P haha I wish my family celebrated christmas. Its the Chinese Christmas tomorrow! like, some kind of chinese celebration that tomorrow, EVERYONE turns a year older and we eat those little glutinous balls (colourful) in syrup. I don't remember what they're called but my Grandmother used to make em when I was little and we (the grandkids) used to help her in the kitchen making those colourful little balls in an assortment of colours, blue, green, yellow, pink.. and then they'll get boiled and we'd eat em in syrup. Sweet sweet syrup. Man, i miss the innocence.

On a much brigher note, my fringe isn't as bad as it was before! its still horrendous, but its on the verge of being controlled. I'm desperately trying to get it to stay to one side but I suppose that's still not happening anytime soon because my fringe is still short. -.- hmm. And have anyone noticed, but my hair in general, not my fringe has grown so much!! it used to be hanging above my shoulders and now its kind of pass my shoulders! :) oh, how time has passed and I haven't even noticed. Just that just now, while I was tying my hair up i realised my baby hair on the back could be tied up as well! :D yay that.

Ok. I'm going to go watch Step Brothers now. Shit, there's some pretty bad thunder out there -_- i think thats my my internet connection is shitty. Is that why? 0.0


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