Saturday, December 27, 2008

Addition to the family!

Yay yay yay. A new addition to my little tech family! Introducing.. Jeng jeng jeng..

SPARKY! (okay, just a random made up name. I have and will not be naming him/her :( )

He/She may not be a Canon powershot e1, but he/she is definitely slimmer and smaller than the e1 so, yes I'm happy :D I'm going to learn to take pretty pictures and do all sort of magic with a camera! ^_^

Panasonic Lumix FX 38. Its my christmas present from Daddy dearest :) he brought it home last night, sort of a surprise? yeahhhhh.

So, now i'll have better pictures and therefore more pictures? :D yay yay yay. heheheeee

Now i can't wait for my xperia! :D although that will take a few more months.... :( too expensive bah. grr

Anyway, did some sudoku last night with Kalowee.

This is mine.

This is the original, from Kalowee who sent it over via MSN.
Omygad. We're such geeks T_T


p/s Have I talked about how much i LOVE paypal?! It makes online shopping SO much easier !!! (L)

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