Friday, December 26, 2008

With a taste of your lips,

I'm on a ride..

ELENA, JO, D3D3, CHRIS, ALEX ; Merry Ex-christmas to you too! :)
CHLOE ; haha, i guess rusty isn't much of the word. But its something along those lines anyway :P I know right, zero hotties. No eyecandy, woe is us. haha
ALEX ; twilight the book was good, and besides it does cater mostly to the female population that is why there is zero concentration on their superpowers and such.
WENDY ; oooh, thanks for the recommendation! :) will try it out.
JO ; I know right! When i saw the pictures I was like, whathefuck. Seriously. I don't like that Vanessa girl much. -.- hmm
CHRIS ; the question is: Do YOU miss me? :P haha

Here's a whathefuck-so-freaking-act-cute picture of the day!
Only because, i don't have me in any of the other pictures that I'm blogging today.
Yes, my eyes has always been wonky.
but here's the magic part: MY FRINGE DOESN'T LOOK SHITTY! :D

And here's a porcupine we had for breakfast one morning.
She/He/It was stuffed with mashed yam.
Very yummy :D
(Also wonky eyed if you noticed)
Alas, I didn't take pictures of food at all. Except for this picture and the picture above this.
This is an example of a typical breakfast in hongkong. Only, this is only half the portion. We'd usually have two times the serving and half of the items ordered still hadn't arrived.

I don't know how to read chinese and I don't know how to read Portugese (I think) so therefore,
I don't know what it says. But I just took the picture anyway. Haha
(In macau)

In the venetian, the shopping area.

Proof I need a camera and pronto. My phone's camera is failing me now :(
I feel so sad.
And the Xperia doesn't even have a good camera. It only has 3.2 megapixel and that's exactly like my current's phone one.

Crossing the bridge otw to the city.

Saw this from a distance, and couldn't be bothered to climb up to see.
But here's a picture for proof. HAHA
Its like a must-see in Macau -.-

The Food Court! :D
There was this really yummy fusion stall, Like..
it was a fusion between Japanese Cuisine and Italian Pasta.
It was really good!

Yeah, I have toned down on my picture taking. Unfortunately for my blog :( but fear not! I shall get my mojo back somehow... Yesterday, I had 3 bowls of assam laksa because the mother woke up with an undying want to cook laksa at 7 in the morning -.- And so, throughout the day we had laksa to eat. Not that I'm complaining :) it was goooood laksa. heh heh.

Also, I didn't mention that while I was in Macau I drank/ate Water Buffalo's milk! Yeap. Now cow milk, not goat milk, not horse milk. but a Water Buffalo's milk! Well, technically I ate it cause they somehow made it into some kind of sweet curd that you were suppose to have with ginger. But I had mine plain and it was like really sweet milky taufufah. It was good, very smooth as well. I thought it was cows milk then suddenly, my dad was like, " EH u know you're drinking WATER BUFFALO MILK" and i was like *wince**choke* " Say whut" 0.0" Okay, I don't know I just felt a like 'Gali' after finding that out. Apparently, with wb (too long to type out the entire spelling :P) milk, the curd will come out smoother than that of a cow. my theory is the WB works harder than a cow (who just sits around and graze on grass, the WB does work right? like plough the lands or some shit like that) and so, they kind of churn the milk more in their stomach or wherever this milk is. I don't know. Wtf. HAHA one whole paragraph on WB milk. But yes. Thats what I think. It was interesting ^_^

And I finally got to reading Breaking Dawn. The 4th Installment to Twilight and the final one as well. Well, all I can say is WTF. I should have read it before doing our TOK prest man. Like, seriously. Bella is only 18 and the first quarter of the book talks about Bella having sex with Edward the Vampire and BECOMES PREGGERS! Yeap! Bella got pregnant and gives birth to a lovely daughter who is half human and half vampire. How absurd. And to think that mainly its the tweens category thats reading the book/series I think it was a little uncouthly (IS THIS A WORD!) of Meyers to write or start a book with sex and pregnancy. Sure Bella got married but really? is this what you want the whole world to think that you should get married at 18 cause the guy is a vampire and is smokin' hot and is ahhh. Yes. I think i might be too worked up over such a tiny matter :P haha but yes, it bugged me a whole lot. And is it just me or JACOB is such an annoying git!!! grr.

Oooh Yay. Japanese food for lunch @ misato with the other family. Hello Sushi and all you yummy stuff.

Fauzaaay and I have started a little agreement. Its supposed to be effective as of today! Shit, there's supposed to be this word thats supposed to explain the whole thing but I can't think of it!!!! Grr. So annoying when I forget words I don't want to.

So, last night apart from talking to Kalowee and Bibian and chatting to a whole ton of people, I was also watching a whole bunch of Britney Spears videos. (Yes, very jobless. heh heh) But I think, IMO Britney looked the best in Toxic's Video! She was so pretty! Especially as the air hostess and I was listening to a bunch of other songs as well and its so sad, I remember being in primary school and singing along to her TAPES. Yes, cassette tapes :P I used to have all her tapes. And like, I could sing along to the WHOLE of the tape! Like, every single song and now yeah. Its all different genre i think thats how you would put it? Hmm

Yeah, shit man its hot today :( Why did I wear jeans and a two layer shirt!!! god i feel stupid. I WISH WE HAD WINTER IN BRUNEI!!! IT WOULD BE SO FUN! SCARVES AND GLOVES AND JACKETS AND BOOTS!!!! mostly scarves because i absodutedly lovelovelovelovelove scarves ♥ haha. It is the most awesome thing ever! Like, its so pretty to wrap around your neck and feel all snuggled and warm and yummy.

yummy? wtf of all the adjectives I could use. God bless my vocabulary.



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