Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cause I can't wait to fall in love with you.

ALEX ; thats a blatant lie :) you'll never dislike me. HAHA
QYDAH ; hehe, thank you? 0=)
CHLOE ; apakan. HAHA i don't get you woman T_T and i know right, I bet Shim dreams about the evil bunny. HAHA
FAUZER ; HAHA. Paloi I've never thought about that but now that you've brought it up...... :P
DIANA ; HI DIANA! :) see you tomorrow! hopefully ^_^V
SHIM ; excuse me, random? They are not random! They are true numbers. I keep count ok. And also, yes the evil bunny ^.^ your best friend/ worst nightmare. (p/s yes they are random.. and yes i like random numbers :P)
A-MAN ; excuse me what? HAHA Do you mean i have more bs than you or is my bs better than yours? :P and i don't have a sharpish chin!! what is this. haha
NAT ; Gargling with salt water? Been there done that :( still not working. GAH. but thanks for suggesting (:
BECKY ; HAHA. Cause I'm SPECIAL! ;) rawr. You know you love me :D

JENGJENGJENG, its the last day of 2008 and therefore obligatory last-post-of-the-year post! :D

Am I happy 2008 is finally over? Am I looking forward to 2009? Actually, I don't know. Part of me is glad that 2008 is finally over but another small tiny minute part of me is kind of scared 2008 is over. 2009 has tons of things in store for me. Mainly acedemic wise, among other things such as my 18th! and therefore license! Validity to do certain things! being a um, not grown up. But like, inbetween?! (wtf) I'm kind of excited for 2009. Albeit feeling scared as well.

SO! NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!! (which I never seem to try to resolve.... -.-... but i will this time!)
All the usual, haha be less procrastinaty, get more work done, actually STUDY and not slack. Lose some weight. (This is of different matter now. Yes I know I'm not fat, but I'm not SLIM and yeah. blah). Learn to be patient, forgive and forget and stop holding grudges. And maybe, grow taller. HAHAHA OH and IMPROVE GREATLY On the chinese language!!!!!!!! :D

I might blog again later, my brain is feeling lazy.
(there I go, not even the new years and i'm already breaking one of the reso. BUT WAIT! its not 2009 therefore not effective yet. It is cuu then)

Oh right, saw the bestie yesterday briefly. While my mother was having curry noodles :P


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