Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stay, Prince and hear..

NURYUL (baboon) ; OMYGOSH! you tagged!! :) eurgh, we miss you too! You should be here in sunny brunei so we cud go down to empire together for the new years again! and boo you for losing weight :P see you in april! my birthday!! :D hehehe
BECKY ; you're welcome :) will do soooon
CHLOEE ; I know right! told ya ;) sudoku is addictive shit man
CHRIS ; thank you? haha ^_^
NAT ; helloo!! Better late than never right? hehe
A-MAN ; heyy! :) I had to make-do with a DIY sudoku table okay :( and i didn't use pencil. HAHA Happy new year to you too ^_^V
NAJEE ; I went to HK also! I told you what, pfft :( hahaha Jasper's alrigggght. He looks very stoned. hahaha i like emmett!! :) AND I KNOW RIGHT! Alexis Bledel would make a wonderful bella plus she's absolutely gorgeous right. hahaha omygash we have so much to talk about ok :P

Reason#567927 why my best friend rocks: She "layans" my lameness :)

Oooooh. Guess who decided to surprise me at home Friday night? :D KALOWEE, BIBIAN and DIANA! ^_^ All three dropped by the house for a swim + catchup and food! :) Diana brought Homemade Banana Crumble and Ice Cream and my mom whipped us up an awesome plate of fried bee hoon and we ordered in Pizza and had sausages as well. + Vitasoy and 7up and Carrot Juice. The way to go! :D And the healthy bunch of mosquitoes as well :P

It was a good night, didn't do much swimming.. just uh. soaking up water. All of us basically became as shrivelled as a prune by the end of the night. Haha! our fingers and feet looked like they aged 27928 years. But it was all good :) With the trampoline and belly flops into the water :P haha.

Anyway, school in.. 6 days! and 2009 in.. one day!!! :D Well, one and a half technically. cause tomorrow and todays just kind of started? I can't wait for thursday! i want to get a healthy "tan" before school! :D hmm.. maybe not. Y'know what I mean? Like that after glow after basking in the sun or does does that not apply here. Or maybe not. I'm not sure yet :P

It still hasn't settled in my puny brain that schools reopening next week or that my mocks starts next week. I am still not bothered to pick up a book to read or do anything! Hopeless I tell ya. T_T And i have SO much to revise ( i would think so). and Somehow, it is already registered in my brain that the mocks aren't that important anyway. -.- Someone tell me otherwise plz. Hahaha. Shit man, i'm so hopeless T_T eurgh can't wait to get past all this crap. So annoying.

YOU KNOW WHATS ANNOYING. Having an endless amount of phlegm stuck in your throat that won't freaking come out. Thats stupid annoying.EURGH. I've been taking medicine to get rid of the phlegm and it is not working. I can feel it there, but it just won't budge. So annoying :( and painful! I have a bad sore throat and sniffles occassionally.

woah, what. The mother just started screaming, apparently the house phone bills for this month exceeded $500. Definitely not me. I used the other phone for my personal calls. HMM.

Anyway, I'll just keep typing cause I'm trying to upload the pictures and its taking AGES. I think its cause the pictures are rather big sized. Hmm..

I am happy about my fringe now! :D it is NO LONGER SHITTY! :D :D :D well, i think its OK now :D Its not sticking up by itself anymore, and it looks more.. normal. HEHE NOTE TO SELF: * never ever cut fringe ever again* Cause i want to keep my fringe long! So that i could tie it back???? or yeah. Its been ages since i've had super long fringe anyway. Nearly 2 years? :S Eurgh, i kind of miss the long curly hair at the mo' Cause i want to buy a curling iron online but everytime i voice out my idea, someone will take the opportunity to ask me," so what are you going to do with it? YOU GOT HAIR TO CURL MEH" -.- excuse me, just cause my hair is still short.. FINE. hahahaha I guess that does save me some cash, not buying it. But i've decided anyway, after IB my hair shoud be pretty long right? I'm gonna go perm it again :D Its either a perm or I'm gonna crop my whole hair off and do a pixie cut. HEHEHE. ( HAHA I bet chloe is like, "god bless her. Kan bu kai again" ) hahahaha I don't know. I really like the pixie cut although I'm sure it won't fit me?? :( I denu.

Actually you know what, I'm gonna save you all from reading all these nonsensical stuff and just for the pictures to load. hehehe


*after 20 minutes* *#&@(&*YO* wtf its taking so long. SO right, had breakfast with mummy dearst at Countrypatch this morning. SO FULL! Had Pancakes, Sausages, Scrambled eggs and Hash browns. (I love hash browns! have i told you that? UNKNOWN FACT AMELIA LAU #874920) yes. my mom had lovely nasi lemak although she hated the fried chicken cause it was too dry. But the rice was green! like, luminous green. Kind of. And the rice was yummy!! Very mmm~ I took a few spoonful of rice as well. But breakfast was alright, i won't order the scrambled eggs next time. Maybe I'll try a sunnyside up egg with toast. But the hash browns were awesome. Crispy and yummy. :D And I really wanted to have some mango cheesecake but I think that would be very unethical right? 0.0 damn. I SHOULD HAVE gotten the mango cheesecake! gah.

Have I mentioned also, UNKNOWN FACT AMELIA LAU#874921 my favourite Cheese cake flavour is: MANGO CHEESECAKE! :D its my favourite. Nothing can beat mango cheesecake!! And i don't know how to bake it/ i have never tried. I shall one day.. And my favourite ice-cream flavour has got to be YAM! :D or sweet corn. Out of the basic flavours, would be VANILLA! Because vanilla goes with everything. hmm..

Oh finally, the pictures have loaded. OKAY. Warning, some really ugly pictures coming. HAHA. I'M SO SORRY CHLOE AND DIANA FOR UGLY PICTURES. on the brighter side, i look like the complete idiot in most of the pictures. HAHA. and and, there are even more embarassing pictures I didn't put in. Like.. the trampoline pictures. HAHAHAHAHA. Freaking hell, those are embarassing :P

Trying to do the famous, "evil bunny" impersonation.

Diana's super cool moustache.

Yeah.. *looks away* I wasn't trying to put my finger up Chloe's nose..

The power of 3.. combine..


Shit that took a long time to upload -.-

(I know, i was just talking about bfast. but that was how long it took to do this post : 2 hours!!! -.- and now i'm hungry already)


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