Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You make sense to me..

RYLS ; Really? I didn't see you! I went there to buy pineapples and rojak! hehe
CHLOE ; i know right, hi5 :D don't worry. you've got your best friends ;) rawr.
CHRIS ; and I changed your link on my link, so yes..
NAT ; yeap. Its ONE of the big coursework done for the end of IB.
DIANA ; you're getting em tomorrow! :)
A-MAN ; why would I run off? :( I don't have an iPhone even..
ALEX ; i typed wrongly. I just wanted a fire pokemon. They're so purddy.
KEN ; you should tag more :( haha
FAUZAY ; welllll.. haha not forever and ever. AND NOT LOVE YET! 0=)

Hello! Goodness, I have not been blogging. I feel like a failure *emo* No lah. I have been pretty busy, or lazy if you like. Been packing, planning, eating.. I am so excited about flying off! I think this small "getaway' is just what I need to relax from all the stress I've been going through.. Emotionally, physically.. mentally.. yeah. *EMO* YEAH. SORRY bout the emoness. haha.

So.. Sunday, headed out for some snowice with Christopher, Kalowee and Mark and then Rojak and Cucur everything witht the latter three. :) it was all good. very fulfilling. I've been craving for ROJAK these days really badly :( I've been eating it for the past week, every single day. nearly two portions. Eurgh, and I'm not satisfied yet! I still want some more! :(

Heading out tomorrow for a get together with my butt a.k.a KIMPOSS :) Who's back from OZ.. Diana, Shim and Vivian! :) Food + a movie, never goes wrong. I'm so excited! I have not seen KIMPOSS in a year!!! Gah! Only going to be a short outing though because I need to come home and pack. cause I'm leaving pretty early on thursday *beams* I'm so happy.

Been playing POKEMON on the DS. and its VERY addictive. All I want to do is level up level up level up. haha, but it gets frusrating because I'm never too sure which pokemon to keep in my party and level up cause i don't really have ALL the types yet?! and yeah, its frustrating wah!!! Eurgh. T_T

Okay, i'm gonna go watch TV now. Some HK series with my mommy. Very nice to bitch about certain characters.. very good bonding time. haha

Here's some pictures from the last day of school. Not much but they're courtesy of KenKen :)

My Form class!
KenKen, Me, Mr Harris, Vivian, Shotaro and Dinesh.

Just us, without the teacher :P
Yeah, the guys were in Pink and the girls were in grey.
it was supposed to be some sort of "contrast"

The girls of 13B2! :)

I really think this is a BAD picture, but apparently KEN thinks its a "good" picture -_-
But yeah, thats me and Kalowee with our DS.
But ken's camera macroed on me T_T


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