Saturday, December 6, 2008

And you dropped the note, and we changed key.

You changed yourself and I changed me.
I really didn't see us singing through this.
Then you screamed the bridge and I cried the verse,
and our chorus came out unrehearsed.

REPLIES (goodness, been so long since I've done this.) ;
CHRIS ; yes indeed. I Have no money :( haha
MANDA ; YOU'RE COMING BACK TO SUNNY BRUNEI! Thats something you'd be able to blog about :P
NAT ; EE is the Extended Essay. Its a 4,000 word essay based on any subject chosen. And we have to write it up based on research and tons of bullshit :( and its compulsory.
ADISON ; thank youu (:
NAJ ; I know right! Gaspard Ulliel *drool* I'm gonna change my layout soon though... Yes *shameface* it was after oogling at him in Malay class. HAHA
ALEX ; its cool :)
DENISE; I've handed in my EE! And we won't be able to like... do it a second time, it was sort of our final thingo. It was crap :( But I'm aiming to pass up my EE only, not for the whole bonusy thing. SO hopeless lah meh. IB is evil right!! T_T And, gah. I am kinda scared to watch Twilight now. The fear of being too disappointed is too much to bear :P

Jengjengjeng. I know! I have been blogging so little as of lately. But I've been so busy and I'm constantly feeling tired. For those who didn't know.. MY HOLIDAYS HAVE STARTED! :D And I'm gonna be doing absolutely NOTHING this week, and next. I will start work on the 20th. ish.. or so I think. For now, all I want to do is eat, sleep, DS my life away. And TV and DVDs and MUSIC! :D I do not want to touch a pen or any books (unless fiction) for the next couple of weeks. Hell, I'm even lazy to choose my outfit now. I just throw on a shirt and a pair of shorts/skirt -.- Or to go out. I do not feel like going out. I feel extremely anti-social at the mo'. Hmm..

Going off for a little holiday in a couple of days. so I have to Pack! I LOVE PACKING! :D I just don't like the process of unpacking after coming back :( But yes..... I'm excited about flying off again. I love the airplane. I love flying. I love being in other countries. I love not being in Brunei. I love foreign food. I love foreign places. I love travelling. I love shopping. I love food. I love peanuts. I love a tree (HAHA FAUZAY!!)- okay, the last one. maybe not LOVE. but definitely adore-ish :S

So, what have I been up to? Well, got our TOK presentation, Language Orals, Extended Essay and World Literature out of the way. Now we only have our MOCKS in january, INTERNAL ASSESMENTs in February, CAS DIARY in january probably, TOK Essay in February probably and... FINAL EXAM IN MAY. THEN I AM FREE!! FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Yes, so we're about uh.. halfway there. More than halfway, less than 3/4-er way. :) I'm so ecstatic at the thought of not doing IB anymore. :D

I have been Pokemon-ing on my DS these couple of days. While, on the other hand.. Kalowee has been The World Ends With You-ing. :D I'm so glad she likes the game after I introduced it to her. Its the same game that kept me SO occupied back in June/July :) hehehehehe. But yes, Pokemon Pearl! It gets quite frustrating having to level the damn pokemon and I'm not sure which 6 pokemon I want to keep on hand to level up high. AND, I can't find ANY freaking FIRE pokemon! SO annoying! I need a fire pokemon now to level up so I can beat the water pokemon GYM leader with ease.

HAHA. I'm such a geek T_T

But yes, moving on. Watched House Bunny this afternoon. Was OK. Was expecting more really, but the girls did look super hot after their makeover. And goodness, the flatness of Anna Faris's stomach, unbelievable. Eurgh :P But the movie was OK. Made me LOL at some scenes :P Gonna watch another DVD: Money not enough 2 with the mother later before I sleep.

So here are some pictures :)

Chloe and I with our Amazing Race trophys :) and cinema vouchers and meal vouchers :D

OOH, went down to Tungku Beach yesterday to catch some waves (Lol, right.)
It was fun though :)
and it was cloudy.. and there were marshmellows and crackers and sausages! lol

OH and the skins for my ipod + Diana/A-man/Kalowee Ipod/Iphone/DS arrived today!
My ipod is no longer scratched and chipped and naked anymore :D
(yes, i know i've only had it for like.. 3 months. But its SO chipped. I've dropped it countless times :( I feel so horrid. damn)



yeah, okay.

I'm gonna make a new layout soon :D


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