Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I trip over everything you say.

You're a book written in 10 different languages,
none of them I can understand.

Because I'm gonna be busy with my EE tonight, and this is all I can offer at the mo'
TOK presentation was awesome today! :) Glad its over. Now I don't have to worry about teenage pregnancies anymore and why the hell does it matter to us so much :P
Amazing Race Party tomorrow after ICC :) Exciting, getting our prizes. hurhurrrrr


Long overdued pictures this.
Kalowee and Jia Min during the disco.

The horrible bruise that I got from slamming the car door on my calf :(
Its still here after 3 weeks and there's a slight bump. Its rather disgusting.

Round and round the merry go-round.
Pop goes the weasel.

First time ever ironing.
I am now a pro :)

HMS Pinafore Friday Night :)

With Dhah

Her hair was absolutely gorgeous. I wish i could curl my hair like that :(

German and baby :)

German this.
With the girls :)



HMS second night: Saturday.
With the ever so-sexy Nichola :) rawr

I curled Vivian's hair! :) pretty rightttt? 8)

Najee, after performance. She wanted a picture with her curled hair and make-up:P

Sent Nuryul Baboon off.
She is still the same :P ever so bonggok. haha

Baboon and Becky (L)!



I did not take pictures with Eric smelliest :( and and CHRISTOPHER KANG. You are mentioned (:

and people liked my brownies.

People, to be exact. :)

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