Sunday, November 30, 2008

Romeo, Save me.

Another pointless post because I cannot be arsed to do my EE which is due in exactly... 3 days. Wow. and I am going to sleep early maybe, because I'm meeting my TOK partner for a date at 3am. :)

I do tend to work better in the wee hours of the morning. (can't say the same bout Chloe tho.. who is most likely to dose off...... :P)

I've been meaning to blog about this but I haven't the time/forgotten: TWILIGHT, the movie.

Don't get me wrong. I am a huge fan of the book, Edward Cullen = Love/Epitome of perfection. However, under no circumstances does Robert Pattison ≠ Edward Cullen. And if I watched Twilight on the big screen my whole perception of Edward Cullen is going to be destroyed and I will not have the perfect Edward in my mind anymore :( Since its releasing later in Brunei (Maybe not even? :S) I've read reviews from several sites and the underlying fact is.. and apparently.. Twilight the movie, sucks.

If only Gaspard Ulliel played Edward, with his ultra sexy French accent. Rawr. I would watch Twiligh, every freaking day. T_T

But no, he isn't. So I shall wait for the DVD to come out and then I shall watch. and be disappointed :(

OH BECKY'S BACK IN SUNNY BRUNEI! :D So exciting, can't wait to talk talk talkkkkkkkkkk.

Watched Quarantine on Saturday. It was okay,definitely made me scream out loud a couple of times. But it was okay, because I wasn't the only one screaming :P haha. It was pretty predictable i guess, but still enjoying to watch :P

Been eating like a cow. Munch Munch Munching throughout the day. Did I mention, my dad came back from Jakarta with jeans, clothes, magazines AND A WHOLE LOT OF FOOD? :) I love Indonesian Kueh Lapis and Kueh Kapit. *love* and Passionfruits!!! A whole box of em. Ah.. satisfaction is sweet. Tried out the mexican buffet at Sheraton on Wednesday.. it was nice. Didn't like the desserts though. The tastes weirded me out. Only good dessert was the Apple Pie. I had two whole plates of that *mmm* and yesterday, tried Dynasty HK food promotion. I loved the Prawns with Orange thingy sauce and the Duck with plum sauce?! I don't know. But yes, the prawns and the ducks... loved them. Had two bowls of rice for dinner along with sweet and sour pork and eggs and vegetables and soup. It was all good. Been craving for rice :0 Went to Taurean's last night as well and had nachos, fries, waffles and ice-cream! Ah. Food. my love. HAHA

OH Friday headed out to coffeezone with Kalowee after lunch at Excapade (awesome shitz @ Serusop). Had... more apple pie and FRENCH TOAST drowned in maple syrup. Heaven anyone? :) I made french toast today as well.. along with them brownies (which Kalowee tells me is not horrible- she tried em) and ate fried rice, fried kuay teow, fried dumplings oh and a portion of Kolo mee. so good. So much fried items. Its no wonder my face is popping pimples like nobody's business.

I want some Nasi Kandar right now. :(

OH. Saw Eric the smelliest at Empire yesterday :) It was nice to see him after so very long. (once ever 3/4 months I say)

Oh dear god. I'm so screwed. I'm still not worried about my EE. ~_~ Meh. Tomorrow lah. hahahahaha

oh goodness. i cannot believe I finished two whole bowls of rice for dinner. hahaha.....



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