Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And I know we're gonna be fine.

And the tattooed mistakes
Are gonna fade over time.
As long as we live, time passes by.
And we won't get it back when we die.

JENN ; thanks baby :)
DIANA ; it does, doesn't it. and i love how she chose an outstanding colour as well that didn't match her dress one bit :P
NAT & ALEX ; Hello boys. HAHA
CHLOE ; good lah ;) rawr. now your stalkers can stalk more. HAHAH wtf

Tons of you guys were too lazy to comment on the tagboard but instead told me over the phone/over MSN. Haha. But yes :) glad to hear peoples comments and stuff.

SO, there wasn't school today and there's not gonna be school tomorrow! *yr 13s only i think~* :D our final english paper has been postponed to Monday because apparently there is some sort of electricity failure in school or something tomorrow. and Like, yeah. They postponed it! Which is good because it means I have more time to procrastinate: To read The Remains Of the Day by some japanese author. I've tried reading it like 4 times now. And I always get bored by the time i'm reading the 3rd or 4th page. Eurgh. Such a bore. And I can't find the DVD in Chong Hock!!! Gah. Didn't have school today because we didn't have any papers. So its all good :)

Business was shit. Literally and Maths 2 was alright, mediocre I would say. I would say, I failed my paper 1 but i wouldnt fail my paper 2. :) MALAY, or malay. My vocabulary was hideous that day. I forgot SO many words so I had to pretend to talk to myself, like to translate.

*thinks to my self* SHIT. How the hell do i say promise..
*says out loud* I promised him i'll buy him water.
*still saying out loud* Saya... saya.... hmm.. dia saya akan beli air untuk dia..
saya... saya....
saya... JANJI!! JANJI!!
*quickly starts scribbling the word onto my paper*

Yes, it was pretty bad. I think Adam thought I was crazy or something (adam was sitting on one side, raudhah on the other, but i think dhah knows im crazy already) I forgot SO many words. It wasn't even funny. And i forgot what the word for abuse was and i never figured it out. So.... i used the word 'seksa' which doesn't even come close to abuse because 'seksa' means to torture. And, torture does not equal to abuse. Grr. And at some parts I even questioned myself if the words that were coming to my head were even real words. Like, 'PAKSA' which means force.. i spent 5 minutes questioning myself if it was a real word -.- gah.

No matter, no matter. Only one more paper. Only Remains of the day to read. Maybe i'll just go through sparknotes and memorise some names -.- mmm...

Had sushi at Kaizen today! Very good. Ive been craving for Sushi since forever. It was good to have some for lunch *beams*

In exactly one week, I'll be flying off again! :D I'm SO excited for so many things! Food especially, and maybe some bargaining. Although, i'm completely hopeless at bargaining, I like watching my mom bargain. She does it so well. Like, sometimes even I'm convinced she doesn't want to buy the item anymore. and like..


*Mother hardcore bargaining*
"Girl, walk away. We don't need this crap"
*starts to walk away- I'm getting worried* But ma... I really want that thing!! Just pay whatever lah!!
"walk away. other places also got."
"NO!!! Other places sell different 0_0"
And 95% we usually get called back to the shop and end up buying whatever we were bargaining for at the price that WE want. So.. its all cool. Its no where fancy shmancy. Although the real plan was to go down to Switzerland. :( But I couldn't miss too many days off school. The minimum I would have missed would be nearly 2 weeks and I can't afford that now. Eurgh. School. blah. But this place, although not the best.. is somewhere new! And I have been wanting to go there for awhile now.

Ah, I love travelling ♥

Nothing beats going to new places.. foreign languages, different kind of cultures.. food.. shopping! :) and pictures.. the excitement of walking in unfamiliar roads.. towns.. cities.

Speaking of which, just yesterday, my mom made excellent vegetable curry for dinner! It was SO YUMMY albeit being a tad bit spicy. But goodness, it was mmm~

Incase you were wondering, I have not touched meat in nearly 2 weeks! *beams* AHAHAHA. My dad is so against it though. He blames my pimples, my hair dropping and nearly everything on my not-touching-meat act. Everytime i complain about something he'll say this. "SEE! Don't eat meat lah. See what happens."

No comment.

But yeah. :P Here's some pictures from school yesterday. :) tons of super vain ones of me and Kalowee! ^_^


Goodness T_T I want to be able to do like "puppy-dog" eyes so much! I fail at that department. Also fail at my "innocent" face. It looks a little like this as well. And this is my apparent "puppy-dog" eyes.
See, Kalowee does it well. You would give Kalowee a balloon but not me right? :(
I just look like I'm constipated or something. -.-

Us trying the "act-cute-so-KAWAIIIIIIIII pose"
Obviously, we fail. (more me than Kalowee)
I can't even do the peace sign properly. Grr

(c) or is it (r). whichever :P

Yeah. Lousy competitive people playing Mario Karts.


Business Buddies!
Its funny cause he sits betweens us in Business class and we talk about everything T_T

Vivian wins again.
Ranjit is very depressed.
He lost to vivian 3 times in a row or something.
(they were very passionate about the game as well. Cursing and cursing and laughing and cursing and "I WIN! I WIN!!!")

Fareed showing off -.-

YES. OKAY I shall go now :)

OH OH. Before though, HAVE U GUYS WATCHED GOSSIP GIRL?! :) and Privileged and 90210? ) I have. HEHE. All to the latest episodes. and been watching some Saturday Night Live (SNL) episodes as well. Funny as hell. HAHA

Okay, gonna go watch a movie now.


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