Friday, January 16, 2009

And then, I felt the scrapes..

from a slippery subway grate.
oh, how you laughed at my complete lack of grace..
but i could not recall a more perfect fall,
cause when i looked up into your eyes..
it didn't hurt at all.

And I thought, Be still my heart.

Hello! :)

ERIC ; hahaha, i'm glad my evil bunny picture blew you away :( HAHA
DENISE ; I KNOW RIGHT! so freaking shitty. Eurgh. Yes, just gonna sparknotes everything :D hahahaha (:
ALEX ; unfortunately, yes. My malay is pretty bad :(
CHRIS ; hey ;)

Will be heading out in awhile for lunch with the other family :) and some jalan-jalan time. I'm in a good happy positive mood today. I woke up, and fell asleep again and had a rather odoubled dream. Speaking of dreams, I have been having really really weird dreams now a days. Like, freaky dreams. And I dream of people I have never seen before. mmm..

I was talking to Becky last night for a good 90+ minutes, and its times like this that I'm so grateful for friends like Becky. Or Chloe and Diana for that matter. and all you guys out there (don't have to mention all, - you know who you are.) :) You're the people who I know I can count on. The people who I know will stick with me through thick and thin. The people who simply accept me for who I am no matter how horribly flawed I am. The people who contantly forgive me for the things I screw up on. Or the times when I am a complete bitch. Its amazing how you guys can totally just put up with me. I know I'm not an easy person, but yet, you all are there. Just there whenever I need someone to cry to, to scream at, to rant at, to complain to.. to laugh with :) I know I'm like a complete nutcase most of the time, with my super duper horrible low-esteemed, perfectionism, indecisive, crazy-neurotic behaviour/chracteristics. I think each and everyone of you like deserves some kind of award. heh heh. I absolutely with no doubt love you guys to little bits and pieces. ♥ Know that I appreciate everything you guys do for me, or with me. Even when I do, at times seem unappreciative and like as though, I'm taking you guys for granted. I see people out there, and they're not even sure who their real-friends are with all these two-faced back-stabbing thing going around. I mean, you even see it in movies.. and books. Its so sad. I might not have that many real friends, but the few that I do know of, They're just enough. :) Everyday is worth making through because of you guys and I really don't know what I would be doing if I haven't met you guys. Cheesy, but thats the truth. Nothing but the truth.

Yeah, yeah. Got a little emotional there.

Just wanted to get that down.

Lots of love,

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