Monday, January 12, 2009

Make haste, I feel your heartbeat..

With new taste for speed, out on the street..
Find a road to a humble abode where both of our routes meet.
The silver sound is all around and the colors fall like snow..
The feeling of letting go, I guess we'll never know.

Okay, Here's something I've never done before. I am going to attempt to do a fashion post. :) I absolutely adore clothes.. all kinds.. dresses, skirts, shirts, shoes.. everything. However, I am quite the simple girl :) and am completely happy with just a t-shirt and jeans (and my red slippers- HAHA Inside joke!!! My cousin hates that I pair my red lefe slippers with EVERYTHING :P Even when they don't match) I love following fashion (although not practising them), reading about em in magazines or online. Or check out Online stores and boutiques.. Yes geek here okay 8) And because I don't have to figure or height or money in some cases.. to pull majority of the styles, all i can do is sit back and envy. :( So depressing.

Anyway, here's some of my favourites from the 2009 Golden Globes which was held yesterday.

Goodness. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE dresses/Gowns!! Gah. Gorgeous little things. Expensive too T_T

But anyway, here's my absolute FAVOURITE of the night. #1 On my list... Drew Barrymore with a GORGEOUS Dior number. Isn't it just breathtaking?!! And the colour is just.. exquisite and pretty T_T Its so nice, and i love the drop sleeves (yes excuse my termnology- very bad with those thingies) But yes! And her hair was SO cute!!! :) Definitely a winner in my book. Rawr.

Here's Isla Fisher, who is Mrs Borat.. here she has on a rather.. interesting dress by Carlos Miele. There were plenty of Beige coloured gowns that night not a fan of the colour.. But this one is something different. I like her.. one-sided thing. Its so pretty! and i love how her dress flows to one side... and like, its so unique!!

This one was surprising.. Miley Cyrus! In a pretty little beige number as well. I think the dress is gorgeous :) and it rather youthful as well since Miley's only what, 16?! I'm not too sure bout her cleavage part though.. a little too much for a 16yo? But I like the dress. Her hair should have been up though, or she should have changed her fringe part. Middle just looks weird....

AH. My 2nd FAVOURITE GOWN of the night!!! Kate Beckinsale in a J.Mendel Gown. ISN'T IT BREATHTAKING? I usually don't like mermaid flared gowns. But this is just perfect. It hugs her in her right places.. making her look curvy and sexy and yet.. so gorgeous :0 Gah. and shes so pretty!!!! I like how she swept her hair up and used extra bold earrings and left her neckline bare. Its a good thing :) No distractions from the dress.

Okay, this is a little odd for me to inclue Evan Rachel Wood in a multi-tiered gown since I'm not a fan of multi tiered. But in her case, I'll make an exception. I think she looks VERY good in this gown and I especially love the back, even if it does look a little suspender-ish. The back is something different.. and it shows of that nice little tattoo on her back. and her hair! its so nice. (Yes, you would realise I like to have the hair up :P)

Anne Hathaway in an Armani Prive Gown.This is gorgeous. I love the colour on Anne! Cause she's SO fair... and with a dark colour.. it just stands out. I love the sleek updo and the simple makeup and realllly really minimal accessories. :) One thing I don't quite like is the bottom of the gown, I think its a little too long. Otherwise it would have been perfect.

So these are a few of my favourite :) Of course there's other actresses and their pretty gowns. but not my kind :) thats why its not on my blog. Heh heh.. I was extremely DISAPPOINTED in Hayden Pannetiere though.. Her dress was so.. predictable and boring :( And the worst dress has got to be Renee Zellweger and Demi Moore. I don't know what was running through Renee's mind when she decided on that er... dress.... and Demi.. I don't think the dress was for her. Wasn't ngam y'know :( America Ferrera as well. I didn't like her dress. Not pretty.. boring. And I have mixed emotions bout Heidi Klum's dress. Its interesting, but for Golden Globes? I don't think so. Eva Longoria's dress was gorgeous, but I didn't include her in my list because I really didn't like the top of the dress. The bottom was nice. But the top... nahh.. too much for me.

Credit Fabsugar for all pictures.

Yes. That's my first time ever trying to cover a uh.. "fashion" Post. Comment people, I'd LOVE to hear your opinions as well! :) I mean, this is MY opinions so yes :)

Gah. I can't wait to dress up and put on those sky-high heels (i'm hoping i'll be able to find a nice absolutely high pair :) ) and do my face and hair.. SO EXCITING! :)

Okay, Must remember.. Mocks are still on. I have a 4 hour Malay paper tomorrow. Whoopdedoo. And then business in the afternoon. OH WOE IS ME. I think I'm going to go paint my nails first.

Haha, i'm so horrible. blah


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