Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is a story of a girl.

OH! YAY FOR SUPER FAST INTERNET IN THE HOTEL! :) I will be blogging i suppose, not with pictures. That shall wait till I get back in Brunei! 

I'm in Vietnam btw, at Saigon right now and had a wondrous bowl of pho at midnight. Steaming hot with lovely beef slices and omygad. the soup! heaven. T_T The flight here was easy, one hour and a half? And half of the time I was trying to teach daddy dearest how to play Animal Crossing so that he could help me fish :) and then i can sell it off for money. Heh heh. But he didn't get the hang of it and he didn't want to see my house.. "waste of time" he said. But he did think the fishes and everything was extremely cute and he even tried to 'escape' my town cause it was somehow like a jail, apparently. wtf HAHA So he kept banging into the high cliffs and ask me, " what the hell do i do now?" -.- very cute :) The flight was delayed for about half an hour. It was all good.

My goodness, its so crowded in Saigon! Its like, SO many motorcycles. about 95%. and very so often you'd see a car, but it would probably be a taxi or something. While walking back to the hotel just now, we encountered an accident :( A girl got thrown off her motorcycle after crashing into another motorcycle. The guy was fine, but the girl lay motionless half her skin scrapped off her leg =x so scary. And its so freaky trying to cross these roads man, vehicles coming in from all sorts of directions. No traffic lights or people to direct traffic. its like, according to their free will man. 

But I love the atmosphere! its so.. nice. And busy! and yes. Okay, I'm gonna get some sleep now we're having an early start later. :D 



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