Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You're bringing back the real me,

No judgment in your eyes..
Cause when I dance with you,
It's how I speak the truth.
Its just classic when we met..
and how you made me move.

HELLO! (: I have tons of little things in my mind planned out. I have plans that I plan to bring to action. And plans that I hope will work.

One of which is to go for my Maths Paper 1 unprepared and hope all the questions turn out really easy! :)

Ah, wishful thinking how very fun.

But really, about my plans.. so many.. so little time to do. Especially since mr Holmes told us (kalowee & i) that our not-very-existant business IA's are due on the 3oth of January. Thats just two weeks after our mocks! and.. 4 days after CNY. How very.. fortunate.

Biology was alright :) MCQs killed us all. But the Paper 2 was alright. This time I placed my pancreas and my gall bladder in their rightful places. And I made some words up! Kind of. I don't think msO is going to be too pleased with my paper. But I tried!

I slept for a total of 30 minutes last night but I couldn't sleep. I kept fidgeting. So i woke up one whole hour before the time I was suppose to wake up and started "revising" my biology. Nothing really went into my head except the heart and all its little routes and how painstakingly difficult it was to draw the bloody heart from memory. As well as our reporductive organs. Must we really? Eurgh.

Oh and guess what?

Nothing from the heart department came out. All that came out was Kalowee's Digestion. and Enzymes and some other little things that I really don't get.


YES. I shall now go and try understand my Trigonometry and all those little things that do not apply in our day-to-day activities.

"Yes maam, your bill is f(x) 2x+3-91y. Find X and pay me."


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