Saturday, February 7, 2009

Steal a kiss and call us friends.

Oh my, I have not properly blogged in, nearly two weeks! I'll start regularly again soon, after I sort out pictures that I need to post up. I have been busy with so many things.. Still busy with plenty of things actually but they can wait for the mean time. What have I accomplished in these couple of days that I have not been updating this site.. I finally handed up my Malay WL (Both of them! no less :) ), been to a couple of open houses, eating like there's no tomorrow :) and been watching oh-so-many tv series!

Speaking of TV series, other than catching up on Gossip Girl, Privileged and 90210 (yes! they've resumes their episodes, finally.) I have started an unhealthy obsession with Skins. Its a British series based on teenagers, a little like GG but without the rich-ness and about 250% much more vulgar. But its amazing, and addictive. They apparently change the entire cast after 2 seasons because the series is set during their A-Levels, and like after 2 years, they move on to Uni right? Now they're currently airing Season 3. I finished Season 1 and 2 in two days. Yeap. Lived, breathe, ate Skins. HAHA (so geeky.) But yes, Season 1 & 2 were amazing, you'll learn to love each and every character. Good series. Although, I'll only um.. recommend Skins, if you're absolutely alright with over-excessive use of profanity, and nudity. Its a great series!

Apart from Skins, I'm also watching the United States of Tara. Which is also a pretty good series, funny.. entertaining. Currently up to episode 4 only. But its not bad. Its about this lady names Tara, who has 3 alter-egos. Buck, the man.. Alice, the perfect housewife and T, the 15 year old slut. Its really funny how she changes between egos and yeah. Its good as well. :)

I know right. What the eff am I doing watching these series. I have my TOK essay due next week, class photos on thursday (and i've just had a really bad outbreak on the cheeks. EURGH) and then, the week after that I'll have uh Music stuff to finish. So frustrating. I just want to sleep all the time.

But i'm alright, so far. Mocks were alright suprisingly! According to my mocks, I'll be passing IB if I keep up my grades. Was pretty happy bout my marks though :) wasn't expecting to like, pass my mocks cause I didn't really study. Procrastinator remember? P :( boo. But yes.

Oh! And I tried the Korean BBQ Restaurant in Gadong just now. Pretty good food, mind you. I don't really like korean food, I prefer japanese food. But it was alright. Spicy though :( but we'll definitely be returning.

Yeah, I'll be back.

With pictures :) and if I am bothered, i'd do all the replies from the TB. ^_^

Its be a while now.


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