Monday, February 9, 2009

If home is where the heart is,

Then my home is where you are.
But it's getting oh-so-hard, to spend these days..
without my heart.

HELLO! :) To start off the post:

my wtf face.
I think Adam took this photo while I was talking :(

Anyway :) Currently downloading Skins S03E03! And Slumdog Millionaire because I have been hearing great reviews about it. Can't wait. The internet is being extremely slow though :( Then dling GG tomorrow, and Thursday: 90210, Privileged and Tara. Yay for series :D and Yay for torrents!

Today has been a rather quiet day. After lunch, we had free periods for biology so spent that time chit-chatting with the ever so lovely Nichola and Kalowee :) and watching Akmal (affectionately known as Zakky. HAHAHAHA justkidding) and Fareed attempting to do their Physics practical that had to do with sound. It was good, stayed back and headed down to the "Quiet Room" which wasn't very quiet with Chris, Fauzay, Alexis, Isa, Akmal and James. Got some work done.. Kinda. But yes, I might be staying back more often now. I mean, its great to have like a "study" room, with wireless, air-conditioner and like good company. ^_^

After school went for some good ol' Rojak and Cucur udang and keladi with the mother. mmm~ and since today is Chap Go Meh, which is the last day of Chinese New Year, we're having steamboat for dinner! Yay for steamboat :D

TOK essays due in one day time, and I have an english essay to finish before tomorrow. I AM MOTIVATED! I CAN DO THIS. Or i will try to anyway -.- I am so lazy to wake up in the morning to do work now. And I always feel tired after school. blah.

before I end though,

(if you happen to come by this blog~)



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