Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We're too far down this road.

I decided not to reply the old TB tags now.

CHRIS ; why not? -.- When I don't tag you, you complain. When I put your name first, you complain. what do you want??
SHIM ; really? :) haha
DIANA ; I love you diana.

I'm really glad I finished my TOK essay last night instead off procrastinating and putting it off till today. It feels good to have finished work for once. Especially when its due tomorrow. Going off to mr J's later for a revision session.

There's so much going on in my mind lately, its insane. I feel like i'm going to burst out emotionally, and physically even. Had some good nasi lemak that the brother bought for me. Its been a while. I have this urge to just stuff my face silly with everything cheesy. I only have lousy mozarella cheese at home, which sucks because eating it on its own doesn't have much taste so there isn't a point at all. -.-

I need someone to reassure me that everything is going to be all right. I got my 3rd offer from universites today by post! its so.. surreal. We're finishing IB in 3 months (end of May) and then we'll have prom (June) and then results (July) and if everything goes according to plan, I'd be flying out by August or September! Since I've gotten offers, all I have to do now is actually be a little more studious and get those points I need.

Studious. Industrious. Thats what my name means y'know. Amelia means Industrious. Pfft, industrious, me? Really, who are you kidding. I've got to be one of the laziest person on the earth. T_T

Valentines day is once again coming out. Has it been a year already? So quick. This time last year, I was in Turkey freezing my brains out because of the cold and probably having really good kebabs stuffed with lamb and fries and awesome sauce. Its so commercialised though :( sadly. Do we really need a special day to tell the people we love that we love them? Shouldn't we tell them that everyday? Not that I'm being bitter or anything 0=) Which girls doesn't like flowers huh. Haha. It would be a nice surprise to get something on V.day however commercialised it may be. I've only ever gotten Valentines gifts twice in my entire life. But they were good, made me feel special *shy* hahaha

I am feeling all Sherwood songs today. Being playing on Sherwood on the iPod and its good. Sherwood is good. Makes you nice and warm inside. I don't know how anyone can life without a mp3 player to bring around. They make such good companions. Haha [ geek 8) ] I want to go out shopping now and buy more jeans and more shoes and more casual t-shirts. I need more of those, I've got nothing in my closet to wear its demoralizing. Eurgh. Actually, I really need more jeans. I keep rewearing all my jeans and they are getting boring. If only I could lose the weight in a jiffy and fit into my mom's (her waist is incredibly small, I'm green with envy. Makes me feel like a whale T_T) , i'll have plenty of jeans to wear. You see, because of her small waist, she is able to dig into 50%/70% off piles in Guess, Levis, DKNY, United Colours of Benetton.. etc and actually find something that fits her! Damn lucky. I can hardly get any of those items to go past my butt let alone wear it without busting the seams. T_T grr.

yeah yeah, girl moment. Allow me that please. Its been so long okay. :P

Alrighty, I'm going to take a nice hot shower and then eat and then go out.

I want to stay home tomorrow. I don't want to go to school at all. Please let me fall sick with a horrible bug or something. I'm so sick of school now :(


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