Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So, if you don't mind..

I think I'll wear my heart on my sleeve,
cause I'm tired of not being able to bleed.


BECKY ; yeap. I've heard it ^_^ its definitely more listenable compared to the original. haha
ALEX ; no comment and about the mushroom, I have not tried but I think it could.
NAT ; no comment. Altho digital pets are pretty fun :D if not, needy. And honestly, free from ib... it's alright I suppose. I have nothing to do at all right now :D
JIM ; HAHA you have not seen nothing yet ;)
DENNIS ; HEE :) you tagged! And yes.. altho maybe not as much as you do ;p hahahaa

So right, Watched Star Trek yesterday with Kalowee, Markus, KenKen, German, Zay and Rajeev. Some people(i.e GERMAN and RAJEEV) lanjaed some people (i.e ME) tickets and popcorn so it was all good. While some other people smuggled in McDonalds and yes. HAHA... why the big bag sir? The movie was great. First 10 minutes got me and Kalowee crying to the boys amazement "Why the hell are you even watching this film?!" HAHAHAHA but it was emotional okay! :( The movie was funny, sad, scary, suspensing... everything! it was an awesome movie.

Scenario after movie... while have food with my mom.
Mom : So do they still have that Spark Spoke Spike guy?
Me: *cough* say whut? you've watched it before?
Mom: When i was young, never missed an episode.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA wtf. -.- I'm gonna buy the DVD for her to watch now.

Speaking of my mommy, went to watch night in the museum 2 with her just now :) Its been a while since I've watched a movie with my mom. Hmm.. the movie was alright, popcorn was AwESomE ! :D But the movie was A OK only. Like, not that great.. a little too obvious sometimes~ if you get what I mean. But some of the scenes will still make you laugh :P haha Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson is always awesome. As with that little Roman guy :D eheheeee

And I'm pretty sure most of the boys, especially the Boyfriend, Zay & Company are pretty excited bout the match between Man U and Barcelona at 3am later (crazy time). May the best team win :P (I can side no one, the boyfriend is a supporter of Barcelona and the Sister is a supporter of Man U - How?!) hahahahaha

Also, lack of Twitter updates because I magically deleted opera mini off my cell phone (WHY AM I SO CLUMSY) and my HTC touch is not with me right now. So.... :( I only get to update it when I have a laptop with me. I will be BACK in no time tho.. hopefully.

I love Indian cuisine *love*


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