Thursday, May 28, 2009

You left a mark,

and I wear it proudly on my chest,
Above my heart..
To remind me that I feel the best,
when I'm with you.
When I'm with you,
to me.. everything is effortless.
You know its true.
My eyes are painted with regret and I don’t need it.

Hello :)

(okay, before I go on, I really don't remember if I've made a post regarding this before okay. My memory fails me)
Colbie Caillat ft Jason Reeves - Droplets. Is an amazing song. After listening to it for awhile, I decided to search up the lyrics and while listening to it and reading along, it wasn't long before I started crying T_T the lyrics are SO sad. :(

But not to worry, Badminton tomorrow! But before that I'm planning for a huge lunch :D cause I'm always feeling hungry now a days. Like every hour, i'm craving for something different and I'm never satisfied... WHY NOW! Blasphemy! GRADUATION IN A WEEK!

I'm so excited. HEHE i'm nearly almost ready, just a few minute thingies to get ready and I'm kinda all set! I know everyones just as excited. Why wouldn't you be? (unless you're not going) Everyone is going to look awesome and theres going to be good food, good company, PLENTY of photo opportunites and gah! :D hehe I mean, i love dressing up and everything y'know? A girl has got to love what a girls gotta love. :P And walking in heels that will make us feel like dying after a couple of hours in em. HEHE

yeah. I will have picutres up soon. Just havent been able to take much photos. What I have been doing is what I have been doing for the past couple of years.. you see, I have this habit that before a new Harry Potter movie comes out, I'll re-read the whole series just before so that I will have a clear memory of what happens and everything. You know, to refresh my memory. and this time I've started :) i've forgotten how much I absolutely love the books! :D Awesome that. Favourite character is Ronald Weasley. He is SO adorably funny and he adds this little dash of humour in the trio since Harry is a complete whiner. And I know, the movies always tend to disappoint and every year, I hope they won't but they will anyway. In about 2 months, you'll see a post here with me pin-pointing all the details in which they managed to screw up in the movie. You wait and see. :P HAHA But still! gotta love harry.p awesome that. :)

RIGHT. I'm off, wanna watch a moovie.


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