Saturday, May 30, 2009

Don't hide the broken parts,

that I need to see.

HELLO! as you can see, a new layout! brighter and I think more difficult to read :P tag! and tell me what I can improve on (i.e Text size, text colour etcetc ) I really like the plainess of the layout and I KNOW, its tiny! I apologize in advance. I thought it'd be nice to have something different y'know. Rest assured, my next layout will be spacious again. hehe

I love the song, Love Bug by The Jonas Brothers. Its so lovely :) and no, not a fan of the Jonas Brothers :P just lovelovelovee that song to pieces. Did you guys notice them as the cupid angels in Night inthe Museum 2? SO ADORABLE. hahahah

Right now, my mouth is so painful I can hardly drink water. Result of excessive eating of pineapples. My tongue is bleeding constantly and my gums are sore with lots of red patches :( My mom says I need to lay off the pineapples for awhile. I think I went a little numb there and suddenly the pain just kicked in and I realized my tongue was bleeding. Freaked the crap outta me. I still love pineapples tho. ;p

Here are some pictures of the bestie and I because I am missing her like crazy. And I'll be seeing her in 6 days! :D so exciting. HEHE


And just for laughs.
Cringe factor (out of 5): 5


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