Monday, May 25, 2009

Still in Love

When we were lovers,
We were kissers,
We were holders of hands,
We were make-believers,
Just losing time.

ANON ; why, thank you kind person. haha
ERIC ; Hi smelly :) I think amelia earhart passed away a while ago. :P
MANDA ; aww, thank you. hehehe
ALEX ; whatevs. JIM+PAM = FTW We shall play one day. HAHA
DENISE ; I know right :D hehe Yay to us finishing the damned course ^_^ hehe and yeah man. Its her nasal-ly voice and her nose! it flares so much (HAHA SHIT i'm so mean) but meh :P

Hello! :) today has a been a wonderful day both for my mind and my stomach :D Kalowee came by in the wee hours of the morning, and by that I mean at 9. :P And we had pineapples and sorted out all my rubbish and then we had wonderful breakfast at Golden Leaf :) Catchup time!

Then lunch came and I satisfied my craving for Korean food with the mother :) awesome that. I lalalove the deserts. T_T and I just had rojak and really REALLY good cincau.

And is it just me or did brunei feel like a freaking desert today. SO HOT. My back was sweating profusely man. Not cool and the sun! it sorta bites your skins and its so hot and it makes people so cranky and grr. I don't like the heat at all :(

Okie dokes. OH i watched Revolutionary Road yesterday as well. It was good, in an angry very angry sort of way. It makes me feel so angry and heated up! but the characters were very real and very believable. Kate Winslet and Leornado Di Carpio did a great job :)

Right. I need to conjure up a layout soon.


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