Friday, May 8, 2009

We go back way into time.

YAY! FIRST WEEK OF HELL OVER! :) only two more weeks to go and 4 more papers to sit for! HEE (: although, the maths papers were real murderers. Not cool. But oh well, life goes on that way~

Anyway, I don't really want to think about the papers I've done. Whats done is done right? :) No point crying over spilled milk. Yeahhhh.

ALSO! Gossip Girl latest episode! SO FREAKING EXCITING! And I loved it when Chuck was like ,"I said that because, I love her.. and I can't make her happy." *heartmelts* But yes, Nate too! ," Cause, I *want* her." I WANT TO BE BLAIR *tears. HAHA And Georgina at the end, finally right? :P her little innocent act was starting to annoy me :P

AND SNL! Love it love it LOVE IT! Got Ken completely hooked onto it as well. HEHE :) its awesome. My Favourite so far are Tina Fey and Zac Efron's. SO FUNNY! Laughed till i teared. Seriously :P Brilliant mood lifter. hee

AND AND, Finally watched He's Just Not That Into You. I loved it! Some parts were SO sad, and some was SO happy. and some was just FUNNY. Its a good movie. And i want hair like Scarlett Johanson's! SO purdy. Why can't my hair grow out faster *grr. And I love Jennifer Aniston, SO pretty :) And Drew Barrymore's SO cute! haha but the movie is good. WATCH IT! :D

AND, while I was having one of my many *pointless* conversations with Chloe, and we were talking about names. Cause there was this episode in F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Rachel falls for a guys name Joshua~ And like she does that thing , "Josh~~~~ua!, Josh~~~~ua!" and the conversation went something like this:

Chloe: oh thats a nice name to name my son next time.
Me: Yeah, then when girls fall in love with him, they can say it the same way right? :P
Chloe : yeah.....
Me: Eh wouldnt it be shitty if they asked you, " Mom, how did you choose my name?"
Chloe; HAHA FROM F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!
Me: And I'm gonna name my son/s: Nate, Emmett and Seth.
Chloe: Nate from Gossip Girl, Emmett from Twilight and Seth from The O.C
Me: HAHA SO DEPRESSING! :P like, okay son. One of you are from Gossip Girl, you are from the book Twilight and you my son, are named from The O.C. Let me show you... *proceeds to whip out some dusty DVD or Book*
Both of us: *laughs like maniacs*

/Edit! OH I know another reason to name my son SETH. My favourite segment in SNL is the WEEKEND UPDATE with Seth Meyers. I love him! He's SO awesome. /end edit

Yes, cause thats just how Chloe and I roll~~~~ bitches. HAHAHAHAHAH WTF. Speaking of which, in one of the SNL episodes.. they were impersonating some blogger who apparently like saying, "Bitch, Please~~" AND IT WAS FUNNY! Wanted to make it my next catchphrase, cause you guys know how I always have some sort of phase when I only say a certain phrase? Example of past phases: ...or not, W.T.F, That's what she said!, OmahLord, Swear to Gad ok, Omygad, How Now Brown Cow? and like , iwanted to make "Bitch, *pause* please~~" my next one :( but KenKen thinks its too harsh and while that is kind of true + I don't know when to say it cause sometimes its SO irrelevant. Won't make much sense. But I don't usually make sense anyway right? :0 hahahahah wtf.

YAH. Thats what I wanted to jot down. I'll get pictures up soon.

also Twitter is the new fb for the majority of us :D (KenKen, Kalowee, Zay and I only lah :P HAHA losers us) GO JOIN! :D


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