Sunday, May 10, 2009

From the day we met.

Kalowee ♥
Both pictures below shows a CONTRAST.

hahahahaa.... why do i look so much like a boy? :( its worrying.

Anyway, hellO! If you're doing IB I hope you have been reading your english books :D cause I haven't. Can't be arsed :( I'm horrible. And i don't feel like blogging as well. but I've watched Marley And Me, and its SO heartwarming! Was crying bucket of tears by the end of the movie and like sat reminiscing with my mom about Daisy and the both of us were just siting, talking and crying cause we missed Daisy so much :( Thats the reason why my eyes were so horribly swollen this morning -_-

Then lunch was shit at Cheezbox. I'm never going back to that lousy place now. Lousy TRAINEE waiter. Assh00oo0le EURGH. Having Kalowee as company was good tho. KenKen's house is pretty kewl~ and his supply of chocolate chip cookies and butterscotch fingers were awesome. And then we tried and kinda failed @ the english revision thingo.

Jing Chew was closed today. Why? :(

Also. Mommy dearest got me a lil' new something to add to my Tech Family! :) A HTC touch 3G :) Its purdy and easy to use. Except for the bluetooth bit. still trying to figure that out. But I'm so happy! My SEK750i has been a good friend indeed but I guess its time for her to retire...... hmmm... hahaha pictures soon! :D



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