Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh Dakota,

I know our love is new.
I barely know you, but I've fallen over you.
Its the way you do the things you do,

that made me fall in love with you.
Dakota, Are you in love with me too?

Hello people :) I am excited about certain things that are gonna happen, or take place.

Also, for all you bored people, go play Typing Maniac on Facebook! it is an awesome game. I want to like buy it as a whole, and install it into my laptop so I can play it anytime. Even without the internet :( haha I am trying to get a high score now. But my eyes! After a while my vision is like, completely blurred and I can't bloody see what I am supposed to type next. MY VISION = FAIL. WHY!

Also, had excapade in the afternoon with the mother. Fried Lotus Root, Fried Salmon Skin, Macha ice-cream with red beans = destruction. At least they were fulfilling ;p The trip to the bakery after that was disappointing tho, they didn't have the things I was looking for so I only ended up with redbean and buttermilk buns. Boo.

I have not had pineapples in a bout a week. I think its a record! Okay, maybe 5 days. But still! I want pineapples :(

Went to school this morning to hand in my clearance form and picked up the graduation photos. There are a couple of pretty ones that I will post up once I pick out the nice looking ones :)

Brother brought back some brownies. I want some but I'm so lazy to brush my teeth again! *angry face* eurgh. I was planning to save them for breakfast tomorrow but he's already taken em into his bedroom. I doubt I'd be seeing those brownies anytime soon. Which reminds me, I have not baked in AGES. Gosh :(

Saw Kalowee, really briefly like 1 second briefly today. I just realised it been a week since I last saw! :( wow. That's a first. HAHAHA But meh. Saturday, saturday. I'd be seeing everyone important :D hehe.



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