Tuesday, June 23, 2009

'Cause I never knew home,

until I found your hands.

MANDA ; ooh, thanks for looking for the video for me :) And oh gosh! I didn't realise it at all. Its from the first season right? haha I've always been a Blair fan, so its all good i guess ;p haha
ESTHER ; Omygosh! I totally forgot about our plans to hunt down the loch ness monster in scotland! HAHA We totally should, just head down there and chill and like, you know. Yeah :) We shall ;p one fine day Esther. :D hehee
NAT ; So I heard! I did some research and it looks like a lovely place T_T
NAJEE ; His name is Scamp :) Melody is here. I just don't take much pictures because she doesn't like pictures :P scared of the camera. But they're not friends :( Melody is scared of Scamp. I think he is too hyper. haha. And watch the last episode! its a good ending :) HEHE

So today has been pretty alright :) Breakfast was two samosas, drowned in dhal. Apparently it is called 'Swimming'. It is awesome. Having spoonful of dhal with the brilliant samosas = love. Diana and I already pinky promised each other to have em once her holidays come round. I haven't seen her in ages! dayum. I love indian food. I want to go to India for the sole purpose of tasting authentic curries and naans/dosais/chappatis all sorts of rotis. T_T

Oh gosh, I need a haircut so badly! Like, my hair is so out of shape, its kinda depressing having to see it all the time. Haha. And I think I'm going to make one of my aims to draw on liquid eyeliner properly. I can't do it to save my life. its so bloody difficult :( and I'm so lazy to keep retrying because it takes ages for me to remove the eyeliner. and it gets into my eye and then it hurts the crap out of me :( and my eyes gets red and like, swell a little sometimes?! then I give up.

Have been downloading shitload of music today :) Gonna update my Music Of the Mo' by the side there really soon! :) I wonder if people actually take note of my 'Music of the Mo'" by the side there. its there for a reason okay, so you guys can download em and hopefully find them enjoyable to listen to as I have :)

Pictures because Scamp is super duper adorable :) and so naughty :( I've got scratches.. not cool.

And, transformers 2 is out tomorrow! I wanna watttch! bleh.

Lots of Love x

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