Sunday, July 26, 2009

1, 2, 3, 4

tell me that you love me more.

Hellu! :) I had a short discussion with my cousin yesterday and it is true! Due to applications and sites like twitter and plurk, everyone is getting lazier to blog because it's so much easier to just post up multiple 140 characters messages up every like 15 minutes or something. And that is why I have succumbed to like one post per week on my blog in comparison to like everyday posts. I flail at life sometimes :P

" You don't fail at life, you only fail at certain aspects of life."
- Chloe Tan.

HAHAHA. Ah the sad sad truth.

But anyway, its already the last week of July! :D just like that *snaps fingers* I'm so glad time is passing so quickly. Not so glad that everyone is leaving! KenKen is leaving on Wednesday to Melbourne and like, that's another person gone. Who am I gonna insult constantly about being old! And who's gonna be up for a game of L4D or something? haha. Damn. Will be heading out for breakfast Tuesday morning with KK, Golden Couple and possibly Zay :D For awesome tawsome kolo mee/laksa/whatever they want to eat. :P And by Golden Couple, I obviously mean Shim and Viv. Who else could I possibly mean right?

I've finished watching a japanese series called Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi) and it was easy to breeze throught because there was only 11 episodes. And its a lovely series! Read the whole set of Manga back in form 3 (i think). Lovely set of manga really, I remember all the girls going absolutely crazy for Night Tenjo ;) haha. But yeah, the television adaptation of the manga was really good. I loved the main girl character: Riiko, she's SO adorable! and like, Soshi and Night where both lovely guys as well. My favourite character has got to be the Landlady tho. Hilarious! "Kung! Kung! Kung!" HAHA right. :)

OH I can't wait for movies being released on the big screen this week tho! The Proposal is coming out! Ryan Reynolds is the shiiiiat! :D And like, the trailer looks ABSOLUTELY adorable. So exciting. Can't wait to watch it. DTM is bringing me :) Gah! Can't wait. 4 more days! And also. in 4 more days. KALOWEE the awesome will be back from the sunny (okay maybe not so sunny) land of Melbourne and yes. :D can't wait. She's apparently got some stuff for me :D so that's all good. I lalalove presents! and surprises! HEHE.

AND i've watched Fired up! Nicholas D'Agosto is a right eyecandy :) but the movie is good. Funny too. And i got the whole urge to like pick up cheerleading (never gonna happen obvs. I'm too much of a wood to ever cheerlead T_T)

Right. Will be going now :)


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